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A short and easy day

The weather forecast predicted mild 10 m/s breeze for the night, but at small hours the tent got a full load of Vatnajökulls gentle blow and the sound was so terrible that we felt sorry for him. We’ve now realized that the only trustworthy part of the weather forecast is the wind direction. Wind speed needs an additional 10m/s. Temperatures and rain change as they like, with out any respect to the forecasts.

Today was the second last really easy skiing day. We planned a little extra trip to a glacier hut since the weather in the morning was still and mild. A few pale shirtless skiers defied the glacier for a leg. We thought that no ascension skins would be needed for the last icy hill leading to the hut. We had triceps. We no longer have them. We located the hut in a storm cloud with the help of GPS but one would have needed an angle grinder to get to the door through one meter wall of concrete ice.

Well forget the hut trip. We dragged back through the sleet, humiliated, wet snow whipping our faces like an angry cowboy. Found a place to camp and set there.

What’s the moral of the story? Never plan an easy and fun trip on this glacier. Never trust a nice weather. And never ever ski here without a shirt. A deed like that will not go unpunished. Tomorrow should drizzle. It looks like we’ll finish as we started. Wet.


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