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It has been fulfilled

Today was yet another short and easy day. We started the trips last push by downhill skiing a magnificent crevasse-free (read: snow filled) half pipe for about eight kilometers. The best sled hill in the world! Shame we didn’t bring our Stigas. The snow ended two kilometers before the edge and we changed skis to crampons. Avoiding narrow crevasses we steered our sledges on the blue glacier towards the goal. Finally we hit the dark shaded moraine that borders the glacier. Mission accomplished!

Our ride off the glacier arrives tomorrow morning so we studied the moraine ridges looking for the easiest route to carry our sledges to the rendezvous point. We called the driver to discuss the pick up in detail, only to find out that we were in wrong place! Glacier, here we come again.. The right pick up spot is located in a side pass one kilometer before the glaciers edge. That wouldn’t pose a problem, unless we had to return 800 meters of rocky path and a 120 meter rise.

There was no other choice than get the gear on and head back. A couple of hours went in a light fitness exercise as we wielded five sledges worth of gear up the rocky hill.

Now the trips official part is successfully behind us. We are again frying crêpes to celebrate. Every face has a foolish and happy grin on.


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