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What is a packraft?

Packraft is a packable white-water worthy one-person raft weighting only a few kilo and easily carried in backpack. This tool enables incredible freedom of route planning for wilderness travel.


When hiker can easily carry a lightweight and capable raft in his backpack, rivers and lakes turn from obstacles into possibilities and highways. And when a paddler can easily pack his boat into a rucksack portaging from watershed to another becomes very easy The lightweight raft opens also new possibilities for fisherman on the alpine lakes and rivers. A packraft can also carry for example a bicycle and even works as a sled on snow!


The packrafts have been developing fast in the 21st century and packrafting is fast spreading from its birthplace in Alaska all over the world. Nowadays packrafts see varied use from fishing on remote alpine lakes to crossing salt water bays on biking tours and from running very demanding class 4-5 white water to relaxed river floating on hiking tours. The possibilities of these compact rafts are nearly endless!


Packrafts are safe and easy to use but water in general and fast flowing water in particular always pose risks worth recognizing and understanding. In addition knowing the right techniques and the little tricks makes the use of packraft easier, safer and more fun. These skills are best learned on a course or guided tour.


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