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Arctic Expedition Training – Winter 2014

The Arctic Ski Expedition Training is a series of courses and expeditions taking you step-by-step further into the Arctic Wilderness. On the Basic Course and Advanced Course the emphasis is on demanding ski expeditions in Arctic Scandinavia. In 2014 the Basic Course is available in English only on request but those with suitable experience can participate directly to bilingual Advanced course in March 2014.

In 2015 those who have completed the Advanced Course can continue on the track and head to the rugged wilds of Svalbard or to Iceland on the vast plains of the largest glacier in Europe. And there will be more for the forthcoming years. When heading north, only the North Pole is the limit!

Basic Course in Arctic Ski Expeditions December-March Finland FI, EN
Advanced Course in Arctic Ski Expeditions 8.-16.3.2014 Sarek, Northern Sweden FI, EN

Guiding language: FI = Finnish, EN = English

PS. If you have the experience required take a look also at the “Ski Expedition into the Light”, a demanding self-supported ski expedition during the polar night January in 2014.

The Basic Course in Arctic Ski Expeditions

Available in English as a tailored course on request. Ask for details over e-mail!

(available in Finnish in Southern Finland on weekends 24.-26.1.2014 and 31.1.-2.2.2014.)


The Basic Course opens the path to Nordic winter and Arctic plains. In January the icy plains of Lake Saimaa (largest Lake in Finland) offer a great Arctic simulator for learning the skills needed on more demanding tours and expeditions.

The course includes theory and lessons indoors and an overnight ski trip to try out and familiarize with the gear and skills in practice. During the overnight trip we will sleep in tents.

Topics to be covered on the course:
– Arctic areas for expeditions
– gear and food for Arctic ski expeditions
– safety on Arctic expeditions
– planning demanding expeditions
– routines and travel on expeditions
– camping in tents in treeless areas in winter conditions
– emergency shelters for treeless areas in winter conditions


As a default previous summer hiking and camping experience is required, as is suitable clothing, a warm sleeping bag and ski equipment. Limited equipment available for rent. The participants must be 18-years old. Underage participants are welcome when accompanied by adult.

Price: depending on duration and group size

Group-size 1-14 person.

Ask for details via e-mail!

Advanced Course in Arctic Ski Expeditions – Sarek

8.-16.3.2014, Sarek, Northern Sweden (Guiding in Finnish and English)


The Advanced Course will take you on a ski expedition to Northern Sweden on the mountains of Sarek and gives you the skills and experience needed on more demanding ski expeditions. The Sarek area is well known for its rugged mountains, numerous glaciers, beautiful valleys and very variable weather. It is harsh but unbelievably fascinating environment for a ski expedition.

During the course we will spend one week skiing on the open tundra camping mainly in tents. The aim is to practice the skills introduced on the Basic Course in real life – and enjoy the wild nature. During the trip we will also spend one night in self-made snow shelters.


Participants are required to complete the Basic Course in Arctic Ski Expeditions or have similar knowledge and skills. For those not participating on the Basic Course, pre-expedition online prep course is mandatory. You have to have an outfit suitable for demanding Arctic winter conditions. We are glad to help you to choose the right and proven gear. Limited equipment also available for rent. The participants must be 18-years old. Underage participants are welcome when accompanied by adult.

Price: 650 euros (inc. VAT)

The price includes: ground transportation on route Oulu-Ritsem-Levi-Oulu, a night indoors before and after the ski expedition, and the pulka/sled, tent and stoves used on the expedition plus special group gear.

For international participants the easiest way to join in is from Oulu airport but other options are also possible. Please ask for logistical detail.

The pre-expedition online prep course is 90 euros (inc. VAT) and includes written material, online prep sessions and unlimited online consultancy before the expedition.

Group size: 4-8 persons.

If you are interested in this course be in touch via e-mail! The enrollment is open until 9.2.2014.

E-mail: jaakko.heikka@gmail.com


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