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“Not only for the thrills!”

I am a qualified Wilderness Guide and offer guided expeditions, trips, courses, training and programs for groups and individuals. My primary focus is in wilderness travel and the related skills:

– on foot (lightweight bacpacking and demanding hikes),
– on water (kayaking, canoeing and packrafting and rafting),
– and especially in winter travel and Arctic expeditions.

I offer guiding and trips mainly in Finland and Lapland but also to Iceland and Svalbard.

All the guiding is based on the following three principles:

  1. Experience
    Experience and skills are integral parts in all my guiding. First of all, I offer only activities I have personally experienced and I’m skillful with. Secondly, I offer customers always a real experience and possibilities to develop their own skill set.
  2. Safety
    As I operate also in harsh conditions safety will be always taken into account. The safety of the customer is always the top priority.
  3. Nature
    We enjoy the untouched and wild nature so we should also try to keep it that way. In all activities we will respect the nature and do as little harm as possible. The aim is that we leave behind only a fading ski track or diminishing whirlpool from a paddle stroke.


Winter 2016-2017

My winters are mostly spent guiding for the Ankarat avotunturit ski expedition program. We offer a selection of short courses, one-week ski tours and longer ski expeditions to the fjells of Lapland, across Vatnjakökull the largest glacier in Europe, to the cold shores and jagged peaks of Svalbard and even across the Greenland icecap. And if you dare, you can join us on these memorable trips!

Most of the programs will be guided in Finnish but we had many non-Rinnish speakers joining in as well.

More information available on the Ankarat avotunturit website but again in Finnish only.

Tailor made programs in English are also available on request.

If interested, please ask for details (available in English too) with e-mail!

Summer 2016

In summer 2016 I will be guiding:

1. A beautiful one-week backpacking trip around the Southern Isfjord in Svalbard on 24.7.-30.7.2016.
2. One-day packrafting courses at river Kymijoki on 13.8., 14.8., 20.8. and 21.8.
3. The classic one-week packrafting trip thru Käsivarsi wilderness area from Kilpisjärvi (Finland) to Reisadalen (Norway) on 3.9.-11.9.2016.

Tailor-made programs are available also during the summer season and if you’re interested, I’d suggest contacting early before my calender is fully booked!

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In addition to the courses with set dates, tailored courses and expeditions can be arranged according to your interests and needs!

For tailor-made packages please inquire rates and availability via e-mail!


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