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Packraft Rentals

Rent a Packraft!

Need a packraft for an adventure but don’t want to invest big money? Or would you like to try one before buying your own? And get a discount from the purchase? Now you can!


I (Pohjoisemmas Oy) have fleet of packrafts which I also rent out when not using them on my courses or tours. The rental fleet consists of the following rafts:

  • MRS Microraft with spray skirt, one size small and two size large:
    Solid and versatile vessel for all packraft adventures.
  • MRS Alligator 2S, two rafts:
    Kayak style spray skirt and more performance for rapids. Note: thigh-straps included only if requested.
  • MRS Nomad S1 D, two rafts:
    Slightly longer and faster packraft especially suited for flat water.

See dimendions and weights of the rafts here.

The rental packages include:

  • a packraft with a spraydeck, seat and backrest (typically MRS Microraft)
  • inflation bag and short pack strap
  • 4-piece paddle (typically Anfibio Basic 4p)
  • 50N bouyancy aid (typically Secumar Vivo 50)

Waterproof backpacks (Hiko Trek 60L) and helmets available on request.


The rental fees (all fees include 24% VAT) are:

  • weekend (from Friday 12:00 to Monday 12:00, 3 days): 90 eur
  • long weekend (from Wednesday 12:00 to Monday 12:00, 10 days): 180eur
  • Need a raft for shorter or longer period? Ask for an offer!
  • white water helmet: weekend 10 eur, long week 15 eur
  • waterproof backpack (Hiko Trek 60L): weekend 10 eur, long week 20eur

I want to rent one!

Want to rent one? Send an inquiry over e-mail to: jaakko.heikka@gmail.com

You can check the availability from calendar.
The calendar is udpated manually so there is a delay.

I deliver rafts only to Finland and the preferred delivery method is pick-up and return from Lappeenranta but I can also send rafts with Matkahuolto and Posti.

Please, take a look also at the rental terms.

Discount Melomo shop!

In collaboration with the Finnish shop Melomo, I can offer my clients a whopping 100 euro discount when buying a new packraft from Melomo. So you could think a weekend rental as a sort of a free trial!

The discount works conveniently with a simple code that you get from me over e-mail.


Updated on 1.3.2021.

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