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Packraft Rentals

Rent a Packraft!

Need a packraft for an adventure but don’t want to invest big money? Or would you like to try one before buying your own? And get a discount from the purchse? Now you can!


I (Pohjoisemmas Oy) have fleet of packrafts which I also rent out when not using them on my courses or tours. The rental fleet consists of MRS Microrafts with removable deck in sizes S/M, M/L and L/XL. MRS Alligator 2S and two Alpackraft Denali Llamas with white water spraydecks. The rental packages include:

  • a packraft with a spraydeck, seat and backrest (typically MRS Microraft)
  • inflation bag and short pack strap
  • 4-piece paddle (typically Anfibio Basic 4p)
  • 50N bouyancy aid (typically Secumar Vivo 50 with mesh pocket)

Waterproof backpacks (Hiko Trek 60L) and helmets available on request.


The rental fees (all fees include 24% VAT) are:

  • weekend (from Friday 12:00 to Monday 12:00): 65 eur
  • long weekend (from Wednesday 12:00 to Monday 12:00): 95eur
  • long week (from Friday 12:00 over the week until Monday 12:00): 135eur
  • Need a raft for shorter or longer period? Ask for an offer!
  • white water helmet: weekend 10 eur, long week 15 eur
  • waterproof backpack (Hiko Trek 60L): weekend 10 eur, long week 20eur

I want to rent one!

Want to rent one? Send an inquire over e-mail to: jaakko.heikka@gmail.com

You can check the availability from calendar. The calendar is udpated manually so there is a delay.

Please, take a look also at the rental terms.

Discount from Packrafting Store!

As I work in collaboration with the Packrafting Store, I can offer my clients (both rental and guided tours) a 65 euro discount from Packrafting Store when buying a new packraft. I.e. you get your weekend rental as a sort of a free trial!

The discount works so that…

1. Pohjoisemmas Oy clients who rent a packraft for a minimum of one weekend or participate on a guided packrafting program are entitled to a 65 euro discount if buying a new packraft from the Packrafting Store. The discount is valid for 12 months from the end of the rental period or the end of the guided program.

2. To be able to get the discount, the name of the client (but no other information) will be available for Packrafting Store for verification purposes for the perios of 12 months. If you don’t want you name to be shared with Packrafting Store, let me know. Unfortunately then you wont get the discount either.

3. To use your discount, make an order in the Packrafting Store webshop (http://www.packrafting-store.de/), request the discount in the comment field and in the end choose the “Prepayment / Bank transfer” payment method. You will get the discount price and payment instructions to your e-mail upon order confirmation.

I deliver rafts primarly to Finland and prefer pick-up and delivery from Riihimäki. For rentals outside Finland, please consult Packrafting Store in Germany.

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