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Packrafting – Autumn 2013

Packraft is a packable white-water worthy one-person raft weighting only a few kilo and easily carried in a backpack. This tool enables incredible freedom of route choices for wilderness travel. More information on “What is a packraft?” page.

Packrafts are safe and easy to use but water in general and fast flowing water in particular always pose risks worth recognizing and understanding. In addition knowing the right techniques and the little tricks makes the use of packraft easier, safer and more fun. These skills are best learned on a course or guided tour.

Autumn 2013

For autumn 2013 I offer a packrafting course and a one-week packrafting tour. The emphasis will be on the use of packraft from hiker’s perspective.

1) A basic course in packrafting will be held in Finnish at Kymijoki on 24-25.8.2013 (see the info in Finnish). A similar course lasting from a full day up to three-days is available also in English anywhere in Finland. The course is available for groups up to six people. Ask for a detailed offer via e-mail!

2) A one-week packrafting tour will take you to Northern Norway to flow down the splashy river or Reisaelva the mighty valley Reisadalen. The tour doesn’t require previous paddling experience and you will learn to skills needed during the tour. The guiding on the tour is available in Finnish and English.

Your guide on the courses and tours will be Jaakko Heikka, a qualified Wilderness Guide who has been packrafting in Finland, Sweden and Norway and specializes on travel in the Northern wilderness and Arctic areas.

Dreams are made to come true! Go with the flow and soon you’ll be flowing past the mighty waterfalls surrounded by blazing autumn colors and towering rock faces! And the tour won’t end to Reisadalen. There is huge packrafting potential in the Lapland and in the future the flow can take you even further on longer expedition to the Arctic and Norhern wilderness. There is more to come!

Packraft tour 2013 – Reisadalen – The Pearl of Nordkalotleden

7.-15.9.2013, Nordreisa, Norway


The packrafting tour of autumn 2013 will take you to Northern Norway to the mighty valley Reisadalen. We will hike partially along the Nordkalottruta and partially off the beaten track and of course paddle the clear waters of the North in our packrafts. The canyon-like valley of Reisadalen is one of the most scenic sections of the Northern parts of the Nordkalottruta and its best seen from paddler’s perspective: steep rock cliffs with mighty waterfalls surround the birch forest blazing in autumn colors!


We will hike and paddle for one-week on demanding and varying hills and valleys. Nights will pe spent in tents though on one night it is possible to sleep in a hut and have a sauna at a TNF’s Nedrefosshytta hut.

The tour will start near Kautokeino and ends to Saraevl in the Reisadalen valley. There is a pick-up taking us from Saraevl to Kilpisjärvi Finland for showers, sauna, festive meal and a night indoors before returning back to South. We will cover a total distance of 90km of which one-third paddling our packrafts and the rest on foot.

The paddling will take place on alpine lakes and on rivers. The route doesn’t include any technically demanding rapids but the swift flowing waters of Reisaelva offer great scenery, easy-going and also fast, splashy sections. The river is like it would’ve been made for packrafting!

No previous paddling or packrafting experience is required but previous hiking experience with tent accommodation and basic fitness is mandatory. Participants are required to bring their own hiking and camping equipment except for the packrafting-related gear. If needed, we are glad to help you to choose the right and proven gear. The participants must be 18-years old. Underage participants are welcome when accompanied by adult.

For paddling we will use the ”Rolls Royces” of the packrafting world: The Alpackaraft packrafts with spraydecks.

Price: 590 eur (inc. VAT)

(The price includes: pre-trip consultation and material, transportation on route Lappeenranta-Lahti-Jyväskylä-Oulu- Enontekiö-Kautokeino, transportation from Saraelv to Kilpisjärvi and back to South, a chance to sleep indoors before and after the ski expedition and the packrafting gear. Renting other equipment is also possible.)

The tour is for 4-6 persons.

If you are interested in this tour be in touch via e-mail! The enrollment is open until 17.8.2013.

E-mail: jaakko.heikka@gmail.com


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