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What slide?

Vatnajökull is an extremely lovely place. A weather one can’t find here doesn’t exist. Not a single day has passed with out the glacier putting us to a test, and today made no exception. From the very first kick the ski sucked an end of the world snow lumps to the bottom. It didn’t ease before lunch brake and when it did the wind started blowing in our harm. Nevertheless, we pressed on for 28 kilometers with the help of our mp3-players.

Now we’re camping already very close to our exit box Lambatungajokul. Tomorrow we will move the camp another ten kilometers closer to the top edge of the glacier, preliminarily assess the crevasses and fry some crêpes.

The trip has moved on to the point where one must face his food bag, eye to eye. Because it’s unethical and plainly wrong to throw food away most has to be eaten before Saturday. It might just be that at weekend there will be four overeaten, panda tanned milk whales soaking in the hot springs.

While I’m writing this, half of the wind barrier we build to protect the tent has been blown away, inside the tent is raining and there’s a Turkish sauna in the absid. Winter camping is relaxing.

Best regards to Nousiainen, the tent smells like a pine martens nest. We are confident that the smell was here before us.


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