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So close but still so far away

The expedition has accidentally peaked the wrong summit.. Naah I’m just kidding. We couldn’t’ go to Hvannadalshnjukur so as a consolation price we chose the adjacent and easier two kilometer high Snaebreid. The attempt to peak the Njukur failed partly because the approach ski took too long due to the hard wind and thus we did’nt have enough time to climb to the challenging peak, even though the weather was otherwise fine.

We are of course a little disappointed not being able to reach Njukur, but one can’t feel too down after the sceneries we witnessed. Hvannadalshnjukur is a one unbelievably beautiful mountain! The day had other exciting events too as we bumped into a funny Icelandic duo, who later skid to our camp and erected their Saitaris next to our Keron. A probable scenario: multinational tent party.

And what else is up?

Food is too plenty and someone could come and help by eating some. None of the equipment has broken down and everything has worked rather well. General vibe is relaxed. The quality of our chatting is decreasing as we ski on, luckily the blog censors some. The wanted run away from reality has also been achieved: Jouni forgot his bank loans.

All is well with the expedition (and has also been every day, I just don’t remember to write it!)


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