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A non uphill

Grr. Yesterdays blog should have ended: “is ours all the way” (editorial note: because of problems with the Yellowbrick, every message has been lacking a word or two from the middle, and always a few from the end. The English version however has “all the words”, because the translator has tried to guess what they might have meant). It’s annoying to when high-tec doesn’t work as supposed! Yesterday the sun made me so excited that I forgot to write about our plan: the weather forecast predicted yummy for today too so we turned south from Grimms for an approximately 53 kilometer detour towards Hvannadalshnjukur. Yesterday we flew 21 kilometer over the glacier and today we were able to advance the rest in six legs.

Tomorrow we will try to claim one of the journeys objectives and we’ll leave the camp with lightweight bags to peak the highest summit in Iceland. The journey is 24 kilometers back and forth. After tomorrow we’ll have seven days to make the 105 kilometer trip to the east side of the glacier. Sounds doable? Today seemed to defy the laws of physics. It felt like we had a constant uphill but after all the GPS showed that we were at the same altitude in the evening as we were in the morning.

Still the day was in no means a bad one. The carrying snow and the sun pushed us to virtually heroic deeds. Coat open we blazed uphill on such energy that a 3,5km leg was a basic set. Before end of the day we encountered small interesting sastrugis which put our tormented triceps to a test. Someone has asked that how do we fit in our 4,5 square meter tent. Well rather excellently thank you for asking! A square meter each is quite enough lebensraum and intimacy warms 😀


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