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Packrafting Video and Photos

I wrote earlier about our climbing and packrafting trip to Kebnekaise in July. I also promised that there would be a video once Thomas gets it stitched together.


So, here is the video:

In addition to my words and Thomas’ video, you can find more photos from my gallery at kuvat.korpijaakko.fi.

Few bonus photos from Kymijoki

And as a bonus, here’s a few photos from the past weekend. After running one of my packrafting courses on Saturday at river Kymijoki we went to test the packrafts at Pernoonkosket rapids and I also got to rehearse my rusty white water canoeing skills.

Tuomas going solo. Canoing in white water is little like telemark in downhill skiing:
Less perfomance, but way more style. 😉

170 sqm/s class 2. Notice the 5-meter canoe between the waves?


The two pictures below are of my MRS Alligator 2S packraft which I gave for a kayaker to try. He managed to surf it nicely and also did a test roll which worked even without a proper foot rest and with the thigh straps loose. The conclusion was along the lines that: the boat is not a kayak but paddles better than an 85-liter Ortlieb duffel and he might buy one to take it with him when flying abroad to guide. I guess that’s sort of an approval.



It also showed that I need to practise a lot more to meet the boats potential…


2 responses to “Packrafting Video and Photos

  1. Martin Rye 15/08/2016 at 22:18

    Wild and wonderful adventure. Like the video.

  2. Korpi-Jaakko 15/08/2016 at 23:53

    Thanks, Martin! I like it too. 🙂

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