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Guided trips available! / Opastettuja vaelluksia tarjolla!

This is a bilingual blog post about guiding services I am offering. / Tämä on kaksikielinen tiedote tarjoamistani opaspalveluista.

This post is also to serve as a “commenting area” as the comments on pages are disabled. / Tämä tiedote palvelee myös kommentointi- ja keskustelualueena, sillä info-sivuilla ei voi kommentoida.

Templet, Svalbard. Would you like to go there? I can help!
– – –
Templet, Huippuvuoret. Haluaisitko sinne? Minä voin auttaa!

Guiding, in English

Since I have graduated and qualified as a Wilderness Guide and it is my big dream to help people achieving their own outdoor dreams, it is time to get started!

I have added a page about Guiding including general information on my guiding services on and also detailed information about guided courses and expeditions for the winter 2013.

For the winter 2013 I will be offering:

– The Basics of Nordic and Arctic Winter Travel; on request; Southern Finland or Finnish Lapland
– The Basic Course on Arctic Ski Expeditions; 25.-27.1.2013 and 6.-8.2.2013; Lappeenranta, Southern-Finland
– Advanced Course on Arctic Ski Expeditions; 1.-9.3.2013; Sarek, Northern Sweden
– Vatnajökull 2013 – Expedition Across the Largest Glacier in Europe; May 2013; Vatnajökull, Iceland

For more information on the aforementioned courses and expedition see Winter 2013 page. For other guiding services please inquire availability and prices via e-mail!.

Opaspalvelut, suomeksi

Koska olen valmistunut erä- ja luonto-oppaaksi ja eräs suuri unelmani on auttaa ihmisiä toteuttamaan heidän omia ulkoilmaunelmiaan, on korkea aika aloittaa!

Olen lisännyt blogiini sivun Opaspalveluista, jossa kerron taustatietoja tarjoamistani opaspaveluista ja myös yksityiskohtaista tietoa opastetuista kursseista ja retkikunnista talvelle 2013.

Talvelle 2013 tarjoan:

– Arktisen hiihtovaeltamisen perusteet; 25.-27.1.2013 ja 6.-8.2.2013; Lappeenranta, Etelä-Suomi
– Arktisen hiihtovaeltamisen jatkokurssi; 1.-9.3.2013; Sarek, Pohjois-Ruotsi
– Vatnajökull 2013 – Retkikunta halki Euroopan suurimman jäätikön; toukokuu 2013; Vatnajökull, Islanti

Tarkempia tietoja edellä mainituista kursseista ja retkikunnista saatavilla Talvi 2013 -sivulta. Muiden opaspalveluiden saatavuutta ja hintoja voit kysyä sähköpostilla!!


Photos from the North now online!

I finally got all the photos from the recent “Hiking North” trips sorted out and a selection of them is available in my online gallery!

The trip report from Sarek National Park is still a-work-in-progress and won’t be online at least for the next week or so because… I’m going hiking instead. 😉 As I’ll be going to Lapland anyway I thought I might do some hiking aswell. This time I’ll be heading either to Pyhä-Luosto National Park or to Urho Kekkonen National Park for a little four-day trip. The trip is cut a bit short to my liking (I prefer week+ long trips while hiking) but there is a good reason for that: The Banff Mountain Film Festival in Helsinki on October 3rd where I’ll be meeting Hendrik from Hiking in Finland and hopefully some other cool dudes. It’s an open invitation so feel free to join us and enjoy the festival!

But now back to the topic!

The first bunch of pictures is from a fast packing trip in Norway and Sweden on the Western side of lake Kilpisjärvi. The trip included also some packrafting along the Kummaeno river with very low water. Here is a trip report from the trip and here would be more photies.

The second set is from the hiking and packrafting trip from Kilpisjärvi in Finland to Reisadalen in Norway. We didn’t get to do as much packrafting as planned because of too tight schedule but it was still a great trip and the float down the Reisaelva river was great. I wrote a trip report on it and from here you can find more photos.

The trip to Sarek was a nine-day round-trip from the Suorva dam without any strict plans. We ended up hiking over Skårki massive along a glacier and scrambling down to Rapadalen and hiking back to Suorva via Låddebákte. Nice relaxed trip with awesome scenery and varying weather. For me Sarek represents a real mountain wilderness, maybe the best we have in the Nordic countries, and I will definitely be returning there again. But before getting back, here are the photos!

And as a bonus there are also a few photos from a day trip to Saana fjell (1029m) next to the village of Kilpisjärvi. If you happen to be on the area and the weather is nice pay a visit to the top. Nice views with little walking.

Have a nice autumn and remember to enjoy the outdoors!

Back from the glacier!

I’m back from the Vatnajökull and after few intense day at the Guide school studying the wonders of nature it’s time to start blogging again. Unfortunately the school will continue to be very intensive for the rest of the spring but I’m determined to blog along with the school. And as there are many things that I’m planning to write about, I’d like to give you the chance to choose what’s the first (and second) topic I’m going to write about. So go ahead and vote! The voting is open only for one day so hurry!

And to give the post also some other content here are some:

… Numbers along the way

Click to see more pics!

0 blisters – despite skiing several days in wet boots pulling a pulka uphill. Thanks feet! (Though no thanks for the terrible stink!)

1 quite damaged nose – again! Don’t know if it was because of the ice crystals and the high wind or because of the sun. Maybe both?

2 attempts to get on the top of the Hvannadalshnjukur (2109,6m, the highest peak in Iceland).

3 bird sightings, no other wildlife seen on the glacier.

+8 C, the warmest temperature we had.

13 other people met on the ice (Finnarp team practising with Arctic Trucks guides, two Norwegians with Icelandic guide and an Icelandic-Polish duo on a long trek).

15 days at the glacier.

-23 C, the coldest temperature we recorded, might have been colder during the night.

30 m/s and over, the highest winds we had.

46 inch tyres on the super-jeep that dropped us to the edge of the glacier.

250km of skiing.

Countless good memories of the good moments, great company and shitty weather!

… Photos from the Vatnajökull expedition

Click to see more pics!

I got my 1000+ photos from the trip sorted out. I was aiming for putting some 60-70 photos online but ended up to 95. Hopefully it’s not too much for you. Photos are in my gallery: korpijaakko.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Vatnajokull-huhtikuu-2012

And my thanks to…

Jaakko, Nina, Heini and Jouni at the finish line - or that's what we thought!

… Heini who did all the blogging from the ice. A big daily task, especially as the blogs had to be written with small smart phone without the help of a real full-sized keyboard. I think she did a great job with great sense of humour in the posts.

… Kimmo who translated all the original posts from the ice from  Finnish to English and sending them into my blog. Once again a abig task to do in addition to the everyday tasks. (So all the updates from the ice are written by Heini and translated by Kimmo.)

… My dear long-time girlfriend Nina who did great job and was great company on the trip.

… and Jouni who did incredible job pulling two pulkas all the way through the Vatnajökull and keeping the moods up with his incredible sense of humour.

All the people who helped us to make the expedition happen. Big special thanks go to Paavo (our contact in Reykjavik) and to Matias (our contact in Finland). And thanks to Eero the expedition doctor (who was luckily not needed) and to all the other people who helped to make the trip happen. Thanks also to Helgi who gave us the ride to the edge of the glacier and to the guys at Hoffel for the ride back from the edge of ice. Icelanders are simply incredible off-road drivers!

And thanks to all the people who followed our trip and commented to the blogs! Reading the daily comments in the tent every evening was important part of the day.

And greetings to the people who we met on the glacier: the Finnarp crew and the Arctic Trucks guys, the two Norwegians and their guide and Lukasz and Tristan.