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Collaboration with Trekki / Yhteistyö Trekin kanssa

Again a bilingual blog, this time about gear deals for those participating on my guided tours. / Taas kerran kaksikielinen tiedote, tällä kertaa varustetarjouksista opastamieni kurssien ja vaellusten asiakkaille.

Maps for future projects. / Karttoja tulevia projekteja varten.

Maps for future projects. / Karttoja tulevia projekteja varten.

Discounts from Trekki

My collaboration with Trekki, one of the small independent outdoors companies in Finland, continues and Trekki will offer a hefty 25 % discount for those participating on my guided courses, tours and expeditions in winter 2014. This is a good chance to get yourself top quality gear for the demanding conditions and with a reasonable price.

Trekki offers for example the tried and true home for ski expeditions the Hilleberg Keron 3 GT tent with snow flap, a good base for the expedition kitchen the MSR Whisperlite Universal stove with fuel pumps and fuel bottles and the superior shell clothing from Finnish Sasta: 3Poles jacket and 3Poles pants.

In addition ski equipment (boots, binding, skis, skins) and specialized equipment like overboots are available on reasonable price as group orders. More info will follow over e-mail for those enrolled.

PS. There is still time to enroll and some space On the Advanced Course in Arctic Ski Expeditions and Ways of Winter Wilderness courses. Please notice that the dates of the Advanced Course with bilingual guiding (English and Finnish) are changed and it is now on 8.-16.3.2014. By participating on the Advanced course in 2014 you can participate to the ski expeditions to Svalbard and Iceland (and possibly to Greenland…) in winter 2015.

Thanks Trekki!

Alennuksia Trekistä

Yhteistyöni Trekki OY:n kanssa jatkuu ja Trekki tarjoaa huomattavan 25 prosentin alennuksen opastamilleni kursseille, vaelluksille ja retkikuntiin osallistuville talvella 2014. Tämä on erinomainen mahdollisuus hankkia laadukkaat varusteet vaativiin olosuhteisiin, ja vielä kohtuulliseen hintaan.

Trekistä löytyy esimerkiksi hyväksi havaittu hiihtoretkikuntien koti Hilleberg Keron 3 GT lumiliepeillä, retkikuntakeittiön perustaksi MSR Whisperlite Universal pumppuineen ja pulloineen sekä hiihtoon huippuluokan kuoriasut Sastalta: 3Poles takki ja 3Poles housut.

Lisäksi hiihtovälineitä (monot, siteet, sukset, skinit) ja erikoistarvikkeita (esim. mononsuojat) on saatavilla kohtuulliseen hintaan yhteistilauksena. Tarkempi info lähetetään suoraan ilmoittatuneille.

PS. Vielä ehdit ilmoittautua mukaan Arktisen hiihtovaeltamisen kursseille ja Talvivaeltajan vaihtoehdot kurssille Repovedelle! Muutamia paikkoja vielä vapaana. Osallistumalla kurssille tänä talvena varmistat paikkasi Huippuvuorille ja Islantiin (ja ehkä Grönlantiinkin…) suuntautuville hiihtovaelluksille talvella 2015!

Kiitoksia Trekki!


The search for a perfect mug

Inspired by Hendrik’s post about the quest for the one rucksack to rule them all, I thought I might share my quest for perfect gear.

It seems that I’m obsessed about the idea of finding the perfect piece of equipment of each job. It is not an easy job as there are at least three factors that should be taken into account: weight, durability and function. The latter likely including also the aesthetics and style. Unfortunately, or luckily, I have only limited financial resources to accomplish this quest so I mainly settle with desk top research and get to extensive comparative field studies only with cheap stuff, like mugs!

Some of the findings along the quest for the perfect mug.

I have used and tried likely over dozen of different mugs and cups in the search for the ultimate drinking vessel. I use my mug mainly for drinking hot drinks but also for occasional cold drink, as a bowl for eating breakfast or desserts, as a bowl for mixing some special things (like the filling for my birthday cake in Svalbard) and as a vessel if i pick berries en route. So, a good mug should shine in many things in addition of being light and durable.

My requirements for the perfect mug would be about the following:
– durable enough (for not needing to worry about it)
– big enough for occasional morning oat meal (i.e over 400ml)
– shaped like a mug (i.e. taller than it’s diameter)

As I said, I’ve tried a bunch of mugs and found few of them good and many of them lacking in some of the requirements. For example in winter a thermos bottle cap would be good in durability, in weight (I carry it any way) and it’s also slightly insulated but it’s way too small even for a proper hot drink. The cap from a food thermos is better size-wise but the shape isn’t optimal (drinks cool too quickly) and I don’t usually carry a food thermos any more. Many of the cups I’ve tried are otherwise good but too small. For example I’ve had a traditional Finnish wooden kuksa but I lost it some 7 or 8 years ago and haven’t bothered getting a new one. I’ve also tried the much buzzed Kupilka which has its advatages over wooden cup but it’s still too small. Then some of the lightest cups, like an empty yoghurt cup, are too fragile in addition to being too small. An empty 500g coffee bag makes an interesting and easily packable mug but it’s very flimsy to use. The green army surplus cup was close to perfection but shape was wrong. To give you a good idea I made a comparison chart of the mugs in the picture above. In addition the chart includes my old MYOG mug.

Assortment of mugs, bowls and pots doing what they are made for: helping to make kayakers happy after a long day of paddling.

The best cups I’ve tried this far are my old MYOG mug and its a close commercial counterpart the Sea to Summit Delta Insulmug. The first one was a light MYOG mug made of cheese cube cup. The plastic cup itself was a bit too flimsy when filled with hot water so I added an insulating sheath made of CCF pad with help of some tape. The cup had also a lid and the entire thing was waterproof as I didn’t make a sipping hole in the lid. The volume was 410ml and weight about 40 grams. It was also durable enough but for some reason the plastic seemed to absorb all the tastes and smells it encountered, resulting in very interesting experiences when using it! After the taste and smell got bad enough I ditched it…

The near perfect MYOG mug absorbing Jäger tea aromas...

… and bought a Sea to Summit Delta Insulmug as a replacement. It’s quite similar to my MYOG mug. It consists of three-part: 68 gram cup with volume of 480ml, insulating sleeve weighting about 31 gram and lid with sipping hole weighting about 18 gram. 116 gram all together so it is a bit on the heavy side but otherwise it’s perfect. It has also internal volume markings (something that would have been easy to do also in the MYOG mug). On warm summer trips I usually leave the lid ans insulating sleeve home and take only the cup. So in addition to full filling about all my requirements it’s also modular. The only problem is that the insulation sleeve seems to shrink in use.

But as I told before, I’m plagued with eternal quest for even better gear and the cup is already waiting for field tests. That one is GSI Cascadian mug. It will be mainly for summer use as the handle would interfere with an insulating sleeve.

I’d also like to test a proper titanium mug, maybe a monstrous size like 750ml version as it could double as a cooking pot on solo trips and would be about as light as my Sea to Summit mug with all the parts. Or maybe I should change my attitude and settle with the stuff that works and spend the time and energy into doing something useful instead?

So, what is your mug of choise?