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Recommended Read: The best outdoor mags online?

This is the second time I’m recommending you to read these two online magazines (sorry for that) but they are really good and there have been also some updates/changes so it’s worth reminding you of them.


The summer solstice sun setting at lake Saimaa.


Sidetracked is arguably the most inspiring online travel and expedition magazine there is. And it’s completely free! They have launched a new sleek site just some time ago. And the latest issue is also out so it’s worth taking a look. There is a new Explore area that allows searching and sorting the articles by Adventure, Content Type, Continent and Transport which is very useful. And there is also a new Survive area for advice, reviews and the like information. Not much content yet but I’m sure it’ll grow to be a good resource.

Sidetracked Magazine is an online journal featuring a limited collection of personal stories of travel, journeys and expeditions. The concept is simple: to capture the emotion and experience of adventures and expeditions throughout the world… and to inspire.

Due topical reasons my personal favourite on the latest issue is Ben Saunder’s Following Scott article. If the summer is little too hot for you, it should help you to cool down. 😉


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Mountain Pro Mag

My other recommendation is probably the best online outdoor professional magazine: The Mountain Pro Mag which has also launched a new website since the last time I wrote about them (and for them) and the latest issue went online just this week! Plenty of quality content and good information, and in my opinion, not only for mountain professionals but for everyone spending time outdoors. On the new website there is also a competition where you can win a McMurdo Ranger PLB. Sorry, I won’t tell you the right answer as I want to win that myself.

The free online magazine for outdoor professionals

I’m a little biased about my favourite article as I wrote about Technology For Extremes for the latest issue (Go and read pages 23-25!) but there are also other very good articles. Go and read it!


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On other news a friend of mine and five other guys are at the moment doing the Tour de France with kickbikes!

No pedals but incredible fitness and plenty of willpower. They’ve done now the first seven days covering over 1100km. I bet they’ll have their bottoms in damn good shape after the tour. Alpo is blogging along the way so you can follow the project on his Kick le Tour blog. Or, if you’re more into Facebook, then Follow Kick France on Facebook.


Recommended read: New, free, high quality online magazines!

Just a quick mention about two relatively new high quality online magazines, which are also completely free! …and as a bonus a couple of photos from the last week here at Taivalkoski.



Mountain Pro


The first online publications worth a look is the Mountain Pro magazine by Target Publishing. Here’s the official introduction:

Mountain Pro magazine is the new quarterly online magazine for the active, qualified mountaineering professionals. FREE to subscribe to and read, it’s content is unrivalled at providing coverage of the latest news, views, research, kit reviews, features and products in mountaineering and the outdoors.

Even mountains are mentioned several times, it’s also useful information for other outdoors professionals and also for the active recreationalist who likes to know a bit more of the local SAR, guiding and so on. And even though it’s UK based, it’s useful for others too! The online format is quite a nice one with embedded videos and all sort of techy stuff but still a joy to read. But if you don’t like it, it also comes in .pdf format. I’d recommend you to take a look!



The other online publication is a tad bit older Sidetracked magazine which is a nice online journal about inspiring adventures and travels.  The official info says:

Sidetracked Magazine is an online journal featuring a limited collection of personal stories of travel, journeys and expeditions. The concept is simple: to capture the emotion and experience of adventures and expeditions throughout the world… and to inspire.

I’ve personally found the Sidetracked very inspiring and entertaining read. Not every article in every editions appeals to me but there are always several very interesting ones in every edition, like in the latest edition the story about skiing from Finland to Sweden – over the frozen Baltic sea! It’s a nice “website style” no-hassle format. Sidetracked also hosts useful “Behind the Scenes site” with tons of info and definitely worth a look too!

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I was also interviewed for local news paper Etelä-Saimaa about my outdoor hobbies and work. If you handle Finnish and have access to the paper (or the online version) from January 4th, it might be worth a look. It’s always nice to see how others interpret your views and points, and I feel that the article was quite succesful in this sense. But to be honest I have to mention that there was also a mistake in the article: I haven’t (yet?) guided expeditions to Svalbard even though the article implies so.