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Auroras, snow shelters and husky tours

The blog has been little quiet, as has unfortunately been the way this winter. So, what have I been up to?

Mostly I’ve been busy guiding husky tours ranging from full-day safaris to over-night tours but there have also been other things…


On the tours we spend the nights at huts but being out in the wild gives a good excuse to sleep outside and this week I decided to sleep in a quinzee as the night was expected to be a cold one. (The record low for this winter was recorded at Taivalkoski at the same week, -38,2C.) I was a little hasty building the quinzee and made the pile little too small and decided to go without the sticks to mark the wall thickness. The end product was livable but little too short with too big doorway and I had to patch one hole in a wall. But it still added apparently quite a lot of warmth as I managed to sleep most of the night comfortably in my sleeping bag rated to -18C (Tlim) and only woke up chilled a few times after 6.00 a.m. The cabin doesn’t have a thermometer but it’s in a cold place on low-lands next to big marsh so the temperature was likely colder than at the village of Taivalkoski… Snow shelters make sense! And there is still time to make some so don’t miss the chance!


The little free time I’ve had, I’ve used for arranging the guided ski tours. The last week I was guiding a group in Sarek (along the route mapped on Social Hiking, though the distance listed there is little optimistic). We also made snow shelters in Sarek as a training and they were not bad choise as the night was cold. Snow caves are especially nice shelters if you happen to find pile enough pile of hard snow. It was an awesome tour with good group and well worth sitting in the car for 21 hours – each way.

Sarek. There’s a feeling of real wilderness. And beatiful mountains as well!

I’ll write a separate post about the tour in Sarek later as this post is about northern lights! As the winter has been unusually cloudy there hasn’t been much auroras to be seen at Taivalkoski. I saw a good show here on early December, little faint lights every now and then here and at lake Inari and nice but little grey light show at Sarek. But this evening was different. After several cold and cold nights without a trace of the northern lights the lights at the sky were on a big time! Here are some photos of the showon Sunday evening. Hope you enjoy the photos in case you missed the show!

For those interested in the techy stuff all photos taken with my trusty Canon 550D (with a battery grip with dual battery for the cold), the cheap but stellar Samyang 14mm 2,8 lens and of course utilizing a tripod (a heavy Manfrotto 055). The only problem with this setup is the Samyang lens being fully manual, which shouldn’t be much of a problem but the markings on the focus ring are all totally wrong andgetting it focused in the dark is not too easy. I think I should make some new marking on it…

On the weekend we also had the pre-expedition meeting with the Vantajökull 2013 expedition and I can’t wait to get on the ice for with the group as it’s likely to be a great little expedition… But before that I still have some weeks of husky safari guiding to be done, including two nice longer tours. I’ll try to get some nice photos to share from the tours.


Gear up for winter trips / Varustaudu talvireissuille

This is a bilingual post of good news for those who are about to participate on my ski expedition courses, tours or expeditions in winter 2013.
– – –
Ja taas kahdella kielellä: Hyviä uutisia niille, jotka ovat osallistumassa hiihtovaelluskursseilleni tai -retkikuntiini talvella 2013.

All geared up in Sarek, March 2013.- - -Viimeisen päälle varustautuneena Sarekissa, maaliskuu 2013.

All geared up in Sarek, March 2013.
– – –
Viimeisen päälle varustautuneena Sarekissa, maaliskuu 2013.

Collaboration with Trekki! For winter 2013 I am working together with Trekki. This means that those participating on my courses, tours and expediton will get 25% discount from all normal priced items (10% on electronics). The discount is personal and I will inform the details personally to all participants later. This is a great way to get all the little things worn or missing (Bridgendale socks, Devold baselayers, gloves, Hilleberg snow anchors and so on) and provides a nice discount from bigger investments like:
Therm-a-Rest SoLite L sleeping pad
MSR Whisperlite Universal stove
Garmin GPS Map 62s
Hilleberg Keron 3 GT with snow valanches – The expedition tent! Rarely discounted item.

Group orders: In addition to the discount from Trekki webshop, there is also possibility to get gear for reasonable price via group orders. There is a possibility to purchase skis, bindings and boots and other gear via Vaiska KY. In addition there is possibility for discounted orders from Finnsvala (great baselayers, midlayers and balaclavas) and Sasta (the best shell clothing for Arctic expeditions!)

PS. There are still some vacancies for the ski tour to Sarek in Northern Sweden and for the ski expedition across Vatnajökull glacier. Both require previous experience but if you’re missing it, it can be arranged on a tailor-made course/tour if you are interested. Detailed information on the ski expeditions. Rememer also the dogsledding tours which will provide you the knowledge and skills needed to participate on the ski expeditions in addition to the experience related to traveling with dog teams.

Yhteistyö Trekin kanssa! Talvella 2013 toimin yhteistyössä Trekki OY:n kanssa, joka tarkoittaa kursseille, vaelluksille ja retkikuntiin osallistujille 25% alennusta normaalihintaisista tuotteista (10% elektroniikasta). Alennus on henkilökohtainen ja yksityiskohdat ilmoitetaan osallistujille myöhemmin. Tämä on loistava tapa hankkia puuttuvia ja kuluvia pientarvikkeita (Bridgendalen sukkia, Devoldin kerrastoja, käsineitä, Hillebergin lumikiiloja ja niin edelleen) tai säästää selvää rahaa isommissa investoinneissa kuten:
Therm-a-Rest SoLite L -makuualusta
MSR Whisperlite Universal -keitin
Garmin GPS Map 62s gps-laite
Hilleberg Keron 3 GT lumiliepeillä – The retkikunta teltta! Ja tätä ei usein alennuksessa näe.

Kimppatilaukset: Trekin verkkokaupan alennusten lisäksi varusteita voi hankkia kohtuuhintaan myös kimppatilauksien kautta. Suksia, siteitä, monoja ja muita varusteita on saatavissa  Vaiska KY:n kautta. Lisäksi kurssilaisten on mahdollista hankkia Finnsvalalta (loistavia alus- ja välikerrastoja sekä huppuja) ja Sastalta (parhaat kuoriasut arktisiin retkikuntiin!) varusteita kohtuulliseen hintaan kimppatilauksena.

PS. Arktisen hiihtovaeltamisen perusteet -kurssilla on vielä pari vapaata paikkaa ja yksi niistä on jaossa ilmaiseksi blogin lukijakilpailussa! Lisäksi jatkokurssille Sarekiin on vielä yksi paikka vapaana. Vatnajökull 2013 -retkikunnassa on myös tilaa parille osallistujalle. Lisätietoa hiihtovaelluksista. Muistathan myös koiravaljakkoretket, joilla on mahdollista oppia samoja tietoja ja taitoja talvioloissa liikkumisesta sekä tutustua koiravaljakoilla liikkumiseen!