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Four days in Sarek

The bad weather continued in the morning and we decided to wait for few hours. The waiting paid of and we started the day in reasonable weather but it soon turned into 15+m/s gusts with snow. Later the weather got better and we did our daily mileage in a bit over six hours and even saw some moose. Tomorrow will be short day of skiing followed with snow shelter building – weather permitting

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Three days in Sarek

First three days done. The Yellowbrick was down for a while but the tracking is running again. First two days were good skiing but today we couldn’t ski because of storm. We had over 20m/s gusts that broke two poles from one tent. Everyone is ok, poles are fixed and the weather is getting better. Planning to continue skiing tomorrow.

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At the moment: Skiing in Sarek National Park

At the moment I’m on a skiing trip to Sarek National Park in Northern Sweden.

I’m doing another voluntary internship period for the Wilderness Guide studies and this time I’m co-guiding and instructing a group of 11 future Arctic travelers on a one-week long ski expedition course in Sarek National Park. We head to the fells from the village of Ritsem on Wednesday afternoon and will be skiing for about six days returning back to Ritsem after some night skiing on the Tuesday next week.

In 2010 I was in Sarek attending to the same course as a paying participant and I’m really looking forward to getting back to Sarek. It’s a great place! Last time we had a great trip with sun shine and easy-going in the beginning, a proper storm preventing skiing for one day and because of that we had to ski some extra-long days in the end but it was a joy in the good weather we had. This time the weather forecast doesn’t promise as varying weather but you really never know. The weather up in the fells can be about anything.

The Norwegian yr.no has usually good idea about weather in the North...

You can check the daily weather forecast and observations from SMHIs Fell weather forecasts to Eastern Jokkmokk area or the long-term forecast of the yr.no.

I’m carrying a Yellowbrick satellite tracker with me so you can follow my progress on my Yblog page. I’m testing the tracker for the upcoming ski expedition across Vatnajökull glacier so the URL of the Yblog is: my.yb.tl/vatnajokull2012. The Yellowbrick can also pair with an Android smart phone via Bluetooth enabling sending and receiving e-mails . I might try also this and send an update or two to my blog.

In addition to my Yellowbrick the main guide Kari “Vaiska” Vainio is carrying a SPOT tracking device which you can follow from here.

There is a trip report with pictures coming at the end of next week or so…

Skiing in great weather back in 2010.

You can leave comments also during the trip and if they are especially good (relevant, funny and max 50 characters) my friend Matias might send to me to my Yellowbrick. 😉

At the moment: Skiing in Sarek National Park

Sorry folks, nothing here yet! It’s now 1:25 a.m. Finnish time and I should be leaving towards North after less than two hours and I should also get some sleep in between. I was in a hurry and tired and made a mistake and published something merely halfway ready. I’m really sorry to bother you! The post will come online tomorrow evening when it’s ready so stay tuned.

Skiin in Sarek back in March 2010.

A test post

A test to update the blog with Yellowbrick satellite messenger and Android phone. High tech!

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