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Stuff for sale!

Packing for a long work stint in the North I tend to notice I have a lots of unused outdoor stuff and this winter season is no exception. Here I’ve listed pile of stuff for sale, mostly small and affordable. Some of it used, some new and unused. I hope you’ll have more use for them than I do!

All prices in euros. Real shipping costs will be added to the prices. Payment via wire-transfer or Paypal. If you’re interested in something, write a comment here or send me an e-mail to jaakko_heikka@hotmail.com

Update: Items reserved or sold market with a striketrough. Thanks for all who were interested in the kit!

Berghaus Expedition Lite 80 backpack, size 4

Unused, tags still attached. The size 4 is the tallest but in my opinion fits for a wide range of people, say starting from 170cm.

160 eur


Madshus Glittertind boots (2013 model), size 48

New and unused, tags still atatched and in original box. Nice soft and warm back country touring boots. Size 48 has room for two pairs of thick warm socks for someone normally wearing size 46 footwear, or closer fit for bigger feet. I skied across Greenland in similar boots.

90 eur

15-11-18EOS 6D4444_1800

Meindl Vakuum Men GTX hiking boots, size 48

Used but in good condition. Size is 48 but I usually wear size 46 and this fit fine with the classic combination of thin liner and mid-weight hiking sock. As rarely used hiking boots are known for aging midsoles crumbling, I’ll give these one month crumble-free money-back guarantee.

90 eur

15-11-18EOS 6D4429_1800

Merrel Proterra Mid GTX, size 46

Seen very little use as they are little too small for me. Nice wide last and roomy but little shortern than size 46 usually is, I’d say better for people using size 45 footwear.

80 eur

15-11-19EOS 6D4448_1800

Cold Avenger Balaclava Expedition Balaclava

Seen very little use, in good condition. Some stiches added to the face mask part under the chin for better fit.

40 eur

15-11-18EOS 6D4432_1800

Guahoo Outdoor Heavy Merino shirt and pants

New, unused still in the boxes. 230g/sqm, outer 100% merino, inner 100% polyester. Basic design. Size run little small so I’ve added my guess in typical sizing after the actual size.

  • polo style shirt, size XL (L), 30eur
  • pants, size XXL (XL), 30eur
  • pants, size XXXL (XXL), 2 pairs, á 30eur or boths for 40 eur

Aclima Woolnet Polo w/Zip and 3/4 Long Pants

Used and accidentally washed with a wrong program which caused them to shrink so I needed to buy another set. Originally size XL, but now more like wide size L.

Á 20 eur, or 30 eur as a package

15-11-18EOS 6D4430_1800

BW Winter Mittens, size 9

BW military surplus winter mittens. In good condition and not used by me but surplus so not new either.

5 eur

15-12-09EOS 6D4577_1800

Savotta Rucksack Cover, size L

Used very little but has a rip that has been stiched and sealed with Liquidsole so fully functional.

5 eur

15-11-18EOS 6D4434_1800

Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheat Knife

Unused, unopened, in the original package. Includes a sheat. Partially serrated blade unlike the knife in the link.

20 eur

15-11-18EOS 6D4435_1800

Hähnel Unipal Universal Charger

Unused but package opened. 12V input (car or wall) and charges about anything.

20 eur

15-11-18EOS 6D4431_1800

Olympus Tough 3000 camera + accessories

Old and used but still functional waterproof “tough” digital camera. Comes with the original battery and cables, two accessory batteries and small Gorillapod clone. Not the latest nor the greatest but it works.

20 eur

15-12-09EOS 6D4578_1800

Primus Fuel Bottle, 0,6L

Used but in great condition.

5 eur

15-12-09EOS 6D4581_1800

Primus Pot Gripper

New and unused.

Two for 5 eur!

15-12-09EOS 6D4580_1800

Prestige Bliz Altitude, cat 4 mountain glasses, red

New & unused, spent some time in a box in a pulka as spare glasses. Cat 4 lenses with borwn tint and side shields.  No case though.

20 eur

15-12-09EOS 6D4583_1800

Goggles: Scott Cure (cat 2 lens) and Revolution Arctlens F12 (I’d say cat 2)

Both unused and in original package. Basic goggles. Recommended price 39,90 eur each.

á 20 eur

15-12-09EOS 6D4584_1800

Sigg Siggnature White Bottle, 0,6L

Used but in good condition. Similar style McKinley branded 0,5L bottle as package deal!

10 eur.


Blå Band Expedition Meal Mixed Flakes with Fruit

Just-add-water high-energy breakfast. Best before 3/2016. (And in my experience edible for a year or morep ast the date.)

The “best before date” is closing in so here’s a little deal: 20 bags for 30 euros!


11 responses to “Stuff for sale!

  1. Olli-Pekka Rauhala 09/12/2015 at 23:54

    Mä voisin ostaa ainaki noi woolnetit ja primuksen pullon sekä mahdollisesti myös balaclavan. Laitatko mulle sähköpostia.

  2. Korpi-Jaakko 10/12/2015 at 10:36

    Moi Olli-Pekka! Tämä asia on hoidossa.

  3. adventurebydesign 20/01/2016 at 16:37

    Hei, I could go for the sunglasses in red. Will send an email when I get a moment. Gareth.

  4. Korpi-Jaakko 20/01/2016 at 20:07

    Hi Gareth! Still available so feel free to e-mail. 🙂

  5. Jeriko Fox 16/02/2016 at 18:58

    Jos nuo siniset lasit eivät mene kaupaksi ja satut liikkumaan kaakossa viikolla 10 tai Pohjois-Savossa lähiaikoina niin voisin sovittaa niitä. Metsästän sellaisia, jotka istuisivat passelisti kiipeilykypärän ja silmälasien kanssa, joten sopiva koko on kriittinen tekijä valinnassa.

  6. Korpi-Jaakko 16/02/2016 at 21:04

    Olisin kaakossa käymässä tämän viikon lopulla ja viikolla 11. Passaisiko jompikumpi aika? Lasit on aika matalat, mutta voi toimia silmälasien kanssa, vaikea sanoa kun ei silmälaseja itse käytä.

  7. Jan Patrik Borodavkin 29/03/2016 at 17:45

    Moikka! Myytkö vielä ruokia? Myytkö vanhentuneet pussukat 20€/20kpl?

  8. Korpi-Jaakko 14/04/2016 at 23:49

    Moi Jan! Muonat ehtivät jo mennä kaupaksi. Pahoittelut, että ilmoitus oli jäänyt päivittämättä.

  9. Dr L R Dugan 10/06/2016 at 20:11

    Yes – hello, I am possibly interested in a basic wilderness skiing first aid type of survival course (rescue companion, pulling a pulk, making a snow cave, dealing with hypothermia, frostbite, will travel to finland or scandinavia to suit you. Would like …. Week 52 or Week 1 if possible??

    Please can you contact me, in any regard, thank you
    Dr LR Dugan

  10. coolgreenplanet 10/06/2016 at 20:12

    oh…and sorry, I couldn’t find your contact details so this is the only way I knew to try and get you!

  11. Korpi-Jaakko 16/06/2016 at 01:18

    HI Dugan!

    My e-mail can be found for example from the About and Guiding pages. But I’ll e-mail back to you little later.

    My winters are very busy but something like that would be possible around the 1st week. But to make the price reasonable, it would be best to have a small group.

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