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Reminder: The First (Finnish) Packraft Gathering


// Information in Finnish on Relaa.com and Timo Anttalainen’s blog. //

//Ja tietoa suomeksi Relaa.comissa ja Timo Anttalaisen blogissa. //

Packrafting at Ahvionkosket in August 2014.

Winter is just around the corner but there’s still time for a little paddling adventure…

The first ever Finnish packraft gathering will take place in less than a week, starting at Ahvionkoski at Kymijoki on Friday October 3th. The Finnish packraft gathering is not only Finnish but instead we will have a nice international attendance. Which is even better! Everyone interested is welcome to join but to be able to participate on the overnight trip starting on Saturday you’ll need some sort of boat or device for traveling 9km down stream on easy river. To my knowledge there is at least one packraft (Alpackaraft Denali Llama with spraydeck) available for the Saturday-Sunday overnighter. If you’re interested in renting/borrowing it, contact me and I’ll forward the inquiry.

There are also people coming with their own cars from here and there so shared rides are available for those in need. Feel free to ask, share and suggest!

The forecast shows typical autumn weather: cloudy, maybe rain and temps between +1C and +15C. The water level and flow are and will probably be below seasonal average but this isn’t a problem, there’s plenty of water at Kymjoki anyway. The water temperature is forecasted to be around +11C so not freezing cold, but not warm either…

Winter is not a reason not to continue the packrafting! Breaking the ice in Oulanka National Park in 2013.


– Informal and free for all gathering of packrafters
– At Kymijoki on 3.-5.10.2014
– Starting from Kuovinkallio shelter at Ahvionkosket and traveling to Moronvuori day trip hut at Valkmusa National Park (see above for more information).
– Bring your own boat, camping gear and food!
Please fill in the Doodle questionnaire if you’re coming!
– Discussion in the Doodle or on my original blog post.


4 responses to “Reminder: The First (Finnish) Packraft Gathering

  1. Arnie Hall 29/09/2014 at 05:33

    You have a cool life!

  2. Erkki Nieminen (@ErkkiNieminen) 30/09/2014 at 12:46

    Valitettavasti pitää perua, polvi pipi eikä kestä kuormitusta 😦

  3. korpijaakko 30/09/2014 at 13:08

    Harmillista, mutta parempi parannella paikat kuntoon, että voi tehdä reissuja sitten tulevaisuudessa. On sellainen kutina, että tämä ei jää viimeiseksi kokoontumiseksi Suomen rajojen sisällä.

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