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Worst Winter Ever

We are having quite terrible winter here in the Southern Finland. Saying it’s the worst ever is probably exaggerating but it’s horrible compared to the previous few winters.

There’s not much snow to ski on, two weeks of above zero temps have turned the lakes into slush fields and generally it’s not very inspiring for someone who likes the cold and proper winter. This is also partial reason for the quiet time on the blog but main reason is that I’ve been also busy with other projects…

14-01-26EOS 6D4351_900

Black ice at lake Saimaa in late January.

The bit of winter we had

At the end of January we had a short period of proper winter which was great as I was instructing a Basic Course in Arctic Ski Expeditions. I was fortunate to have a great group of 12 people and we had a good course covering the basics needed for longer Arctic ski adventures…

14-01-26EOS 6D4354_900

The course also got some flattering media coverage:

– Juha wrote a blog post about the course (in Finnish only) but at least take a look at the awesome photos!
– Also Riikka covered the course shortly in one of her blog posts (in English).
– And the major Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat published a lengthy article and a nice little video of the course which is awesome. It’s in Finnish only but comes with photos and video.

14-01-26EOS 6D4356_900

But that’s past now and there are other exciting things coming up…

Greenland, baby, yeah!

The big thing that’s kept me busy since last autumn is my upcoming major expedition of the year. I’ll be going to Greenland!

There has been a lot of work related to the project but now we are at the point where we can publicly say we’ll be skiing across the Greenland icecap starting in mid-April: Group of five friend, around 30 days on our own and some 600 kilometers of skiing through the white wilderness.

14-02-08EOS 6D4390_900

About to get windy…

14-02-08EOS 6D4391_900

Practise makes perfect. Pitching tent in ~30m/s wind.

14-02-09EOS 6D4453_900

More practise.

We also got our blog online and it can be found from AcrossGreenland2014.com.

The blog will be mostly in Finnish but there’s a Briefly in English section to cover the basic background information and all the blog posts will include a short English summary. In addition I’ll try to cover some topics in English in my personal blog for more in depth views. If there’s something you want to know, feel free to comment!

We are also on Twitter @Pohjoisemmas and Facebook AcrossGreenland2014. The content will be again mostly in Finnish but also some in English and plenty of photos.

Other things coming up…

Even though I occasionally feel I’d need all the 24 hours of each day for the Greenland project alone there’s some other stuff coming up too. (And I guess that’s good for my (questionable) mental health too…)

The first week of March I’ll be guiding another one-week husky tour at Taivalkoski for Husky Center Kolmiloukko. There’s a proper winter up there and I can’t wait to get back working with the furry little rascals!


Guiding a husky tour a year ago.

And straight after the week of touring with the dogs (and clients) I’ll head to Sarek National Park in Swedish Lapland to guide my Advanced Course in Arctic Ski Expeditions to prepare the group for bigger and bolder future expeditions. At least I should be getting a decent dose of winter during these weeks. 🙂


Guiding in Sarek the last year. It was a such great tour!

And in addition to getting all set for the Greenland expedition, and of course being in the outdoors, I’ll also try to get some content in the blog and avoid the one-month radio silences…


5 responses to “Worst Winter Ever

  1. outdoorcanvas 21/02/2014 at 15:57

    The harsh winter is on the other side of the globe this year over here in the U.S. We’re having record cold, record snow in most all Northern States. The Great lakes are over 90% ice covered for the first time in 10yrs. Unfortunately with today’s climate it seems when one part of the globe is having record cold that means the opposite side has near record warmth. They’re calling it the “polar vortex” winter over here.

  2. korpijaakko 21/02/2014 at 22:38

    The exceptionally cold winter in the U.S has made it in the news even in Finland. I’d be happy to have, say, 50% of your winter here right away but I guess that doesn’t happen. I hope you can enjoy the winter there without too much inconvenience!

  3. Bob 04/03/2014 at 17:02

    Did I see you use ice screws as tent pegs in the video? I carry one 22cm screw to cut Abalakov threads. It’s time consuming but I only need to carry one screw.


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