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Summer Solstice Solitude

Another overnighter trip report! Sorry, if you are getting bored. I’ll try write about kit/gear/stuff later, and of course finish the posts about the past winter. But for now, trip report it is!

My original plan was to spend the festive mid-summer weekend, Juhannus as we call it, working and I really didn’t have any other plans for the weekend. But things change. And when I found I had no work to do I though of it as a possibility to consume less and be more outdoors. Suits me.

As the weather forecast was good I quite quickly came up with a nice trip idea I named “summer solstice solitude”: borrow friend’s kayak, paddle around the western Pien-Saimaa area and search for a tiny islet to spend the shortest night of the year. I even borrowed Hilleberg Soulo tent to have a free-standing tent with a small footprint to fit on the tiniest of rocky islets.

I got on the waters a bit after 17:00 after a substantial energy level boosting in the form of meat pastries stuffed with additional ham and egg (local specialty called “vety”) with my brother at the Lappeenranta harbour.

The weather was gorgeous and the kayak glided nearly effortlessly across the calm waters. Going was good and I felt confident even though this was my first time on a solo kayaking trip.

I had some small islets in mind but I soon found that I was a month or two late booking my place for the night as angry seagulls had already booked all the nice little islets. And of course most of the bigger islands were littered with summer houses, now occupied with people spending the mid-summer weekend in the traditional Finnish style: cottage by the lake, friends, sauna, barbecue, big bonfire and getting drunk.

With less seagulls and little lower water level this would’ve made a great camp!

As I wanted to have a bit of solitude and an island of my own I kept searching.

After couple of hours of kayaking my feet started to fall asleep. The borrowed kayak was a little bit too tight fit for my well-trained bottom so I decided to have a little beer break and get the blood flowing again.

I continued paddling towards some small islands that had looked promising on the map but found them to be very densely vegetated, not meeting my idea of small rocky islet. So I kept paddling as the going was good and the evening was beautiful.

At one point I decided I should camp by 20:00, then it was 20:30 and finally it was well past 21:00 before I decided to settle on nice rocky cliffs on a bigger island. It wasn’t exactly according to the plan but the island didn’t have any summer houses nor could I spot any on the shores in the horizon and the camp was on a cool spot with great views so I declared it good enough.

There is always something especially appealing in camping on top of a high place!

But immediately after getting ashore I noticed I would not be alone for the night: There were ants. A lot of ants. As it was late I decided to stay anyway and quite soon learnt to come along with the ants. As long as I stayed relatively still they didn’t actually climb on me or bite me that much but when moving around they got into my Croccs and started biting my feet which wasn’t very nice.

I pitched the tent, took a swim and lit the disposable grill I had brought to celebrate the mid-summer.

The longest day of the year ended with a sunset worth of the special day and after dessert the nearly full “super moon” rose above the horizon. All this made good photos but the cool evening also brought in the bugs so I retired to the shelter of the tent. Instead of counting sheeps I counted over 30 mosquitoes on the mesh of the tent door before falling asleep. (Which didn’t actually take that long.)

I slept well, as I usually do in the outdoors, waking to the pesky alarm that I had set for 3.20 am to catch the sunrise. What was I thinking setting up the alarm? After a quick look it was apparent that the sunrise would’ve required walking over the big rocky hill to the other side of the island so I didn’t bother and got back to sleep.

Later in the morning I woke up and started preparing breakfast and packing kit. I burnt my porridge on the canister stove (I’m too used to cooking it on fire or wood stove.), snapped my spork (Well, it had already lived for about two years.), got bitten by the ants and started to think if it was going to be a good day at all…

After the morning chores I gathered a bit of confidence and set on the waters. I re-checked a potential climbing rock on the shore for future deep water solo efforts. (Thanks for fellow blogger Lauri for  the term.) After getting out from the shelter of the island it was evident that I’d be enjoying headwind for the rest of the day. Going was still okay but not nearly as fast as the day before. There seemed to be also more boat traffic than the day before.


At one point my legs had gone past the numb phase into hurting-quite-a-lot-and-going-to-spasm-soon phase and I hurried to search for a decent place to have the first break of the day. Learning from the previous I later took couple of more breaks before arriving back to the harbour area and nearly got tipped over because of a boat speeding past me under a small bridge. Nice. Luckily I just got splashed over and didn’t even have to do any ninja moves to stay upright and dodge a bridge pillar near by. After the little drama I got back to the kayak shed and called it a day.

I got the bit of solstice solitude I was looking for but I have to say I find outdoors activities more meaningful when done with friends to share the experience.

– – –

As usual, some extra photos can be found from my gallery.


9 responses to “Summer Solstice Solitude

  1. Wilco O 24/06/2013 at 17:46

    Hi Jaakko,

    Great pictures again, makes me want to visit Finland during the summer as well (I was in one of the overnight husky tours).


  2. outdoorcanvas 24/06/2013 at 19:57

    Good lord you eat well on your excursions! 🙂

  3. korpijaakko 25/06/2013 at 11:23

    Thanks Wilco! Finland is a nice place most of the year and different in each season – which is part of the appeal. I have actually some canoeing trips in planning, same style as the husky tours but with canoes on a nice river. 😉

    Outdoorcanvas: Quite often the food part gets out of control. 😀 I think if I’d be hiking alone I’d just eat cold müesli or something but when going with friends (or celebrating mid-summer) it’s nice to have something special.

  4. surfnslide 26/06/2013 at 22:27

    Another great trip, you certainly are getting out a lot. Camping on that small rock would have been something 🙂

  5. korpijaakko 27/06/2013 at 16:48

    Thanks! Now that I don’t have any big trips on hands I try to get one overnighter per week or so. Though I’d rather be on a big trip instead but can’t right now.

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  7. jus 20/06/2016 at 22:25

    Dear Jaakko can you provibe map link/coordinates to that deep water solo cliff?

  8. Korpi-Jaakko 23/06/2016 at 12:04

    Hi jus! Unfortunately I don’t have coordinates to the spot and can’t recall the exact location. But my camp was here: http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/linkki?scale=16000&text=Solstice+camp&srs=EPSG%3A3067&y=6778606&mode=rasta&x=554648&lang=fi and the DWS spot was on another island nearby to the South-East. Which one, that I don’t remember! It was on the South-West corner/shore of the island. Shouldn’t be too difficult to find if you havea aboat/canoe/kayak. Happy hunting!

  9. jus 17/06/2017 at 13:18

    Thanks for the info!

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