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The kilometer factory

Sherlock Utriainen has most likely solved the mysterious problem that has been haunting our messages. From now on, we shall write without the Scandinavian Ä’s & Ö’s and see if it helps. The happy sun shone upon us for the whole day and the skis almost flew on the snow. Just like Eastern at Saariselkä, except less people, readymade paths and perfume odour. Not to mention our smell which is rather lovely and exquisite, tainted by the extreme work out. Because the weather was fortunate we decided to go as far as possible.

In the afternoon we skied approximately three kilometer legs to slight uphill. After lunch we took over our mental side and pushed over four kilometers a leg, the day total being 30,5 kilometer. Just yesterday I painted the epic race on the edge of the glacier against the speeding clock. Today I’m slightly worried, if we keep on going so fast we’ll be on Blue Lagoon soaking our tormented bodies a few days too soon. The kilometers seem to come too easy. Where is the taste of the blood and the true battles against our nature, and the nature? Where is J J Heikka’s work camp?

The goal lies 45 kilometers ahead, out of which the last 15 kilometers is crevassed. We can already see the mountains that are flanking our exit. The goal is to get to the edge of the glacier by Friday night and the few remaining days shall show how that is done.

A few answers to questions: The sun glasses have been in frequent use in the last days! The sledge doesn’t seem to weight a lot, because the snow is so tough that it’s even hard to get the tent chucks in. Though last night it snowed some new snow which is soft and sinky.


2 responses to “The kilometer factory

  1. Johan Annys 02/08/2013 at 13:47

    Can I see your route on a map somewhere or on the Y-blog?

  2. korpijaakko 04/09/2013 at 12:47

    Hi Johan, and sorry for the delay in replying. I somehow missed your comment.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the 2012 expedition route easily available online but the route of the 2013 expedition (similar route but from East to West and not summiting Hvannadalshnúkur) is available online in Social Hiking: http://www.shareyouradventure.com/map/12214/korpijaakko/Vatnajokull-2013

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