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Bloody sissies

This morning as we were packing our sledges a seven swan formation flew over our tens from north to south. It made us ponder if some dark creatures were stretching their evil fingers from the north and the swans were fleeing them. But because we have our Gore-Tex, Hilleberg and tough attitude we just turned the tip of our skis facing north and started grinding. Neatly put we have a precise schedule. What it really means is that we better work our asses off with the taste of blood in our mouths and there’s no time for storm days. But skiing is what we came here to do and ski we will. It isn’t supposed to be fun. Fun is overrated. Today the weather took yet another direction. Iceland is rather peculiar in that way – now it’s aurora borealis and minus 23 centigrade.

I still want to return to our yesterdays adventure on the Njukur for you will not believe how crazy weather we got. The super cooled rain froze immediately when reaching our gear. At the end we had a three centimeters thick ice frosting which weighed at least a few kilograms. Luckily the skiing and climbing equipment worked as they should and we got the job done. Tomorrow we will continue towards east the days goal being over 20 kilometers ahead of us.


2 responses to “Bloody sissies

  1. AlanR 03/04/2012 at 17:05

    It sounds tough but you must be enjoying it. I like that “Fun is overrated”.
    I hope east brings good weather for you.

  2. -maria- 03/04/2012 at 18:36

    -23 C!! You must enjoy winter as you chase it, at least we some kind of a spring here in southern Finland… 😉

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