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The largest minority of the glacier

Lots of exciting things has happened since the last post, but because our Yellowbrick isn’t working like it’s supposed and censors arbitrarily parts of the text, we’ll just have to summarise (which is rather boring..). Yesterday during our night chores we heard strange jeep kind of (jeepish?) sounds which we first thought were just the wind. Soon entered six Finnish FINNARP scientists and a couple of Icelandic Arctic Truck workers. A few hours later the breeze brought two Norwegians and an Icelandic guide, whose tent pole had broken while trying to erect the tent. The four day isolation had suddenly turned to a Nordic hulabaloo!

At the morning wind was still blowing 30 m/s and we rescheduled our departure. The FINNARP groups route was partly same as ours and they informed us via radio that the weather further down the glacier was much more skiable. With crampons on we walked on the icy slope alongside our sledges through the worst breeze. After getting on the skis the wind was behind our backs so we dashed forward like never before. Because the days route was downhill only, we even took the ascension skins off. You won’t believe how great it was to ski!

After all the harsh conditions Vatnajökull has finally showed us her gentle side. The glacier shining in the sun is perhaps the most beautiful thing that exists and today it accompanied us all the way.


One response to “The largest minority of the glacier

  1. Toni Lund 30/03/2012 at 18:13

    Sounds great, can’t wait to see your photos!

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