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Levitating rocks

Chill out day at Grimsvötn. Weather forecast predicted 30 m/s winds so skiing didn’t sound like fun. We started the day with Dooley’s hot chocolate and crêpes flambéed in cognac. After the bloat had faded away we took our crampons for a little spin close to our quarters. The wind was strong, for a moment we thought it’s going to grip the smaller members of our expedition and carry them all the way to Hvannadalshnukur. Luckily the volcanic boulders kept us on our grounds.

Because idling is so tough we’ve ate all day for the pure joy of eating and took a good nap too. As day turned to night the winds increased even more. For the toilet trip one had to wear a storm mask and go on all fours, even a pick-axe was considered. If the weather wont calm for tomorrow we’ll probably have to spend another day indoors, though everyone is eager to continue as soon as possible.


One response to “Levitating rocks

  1. Slimms 29/03/2012 at 22:00

    Hopefully the weather breaks and you get get on your way, but it sounds like you are making the best of it!


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