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Özti and friends

Last night it finally came: below zero temperatures! After days of sleet and rain the frost turned our skis faster than ever. In addition all of our gear went to deep froze. We got our stiff Gore-Tex harness on and had to dig our tent for quite some time to detach it from the steel snow. Violent wind and whiteout aside, we had a lovely day of skiing.

We haven’t yet been able to enjoy the lovely sceneries, but the sun shone a couple of minutes for us today. It made us happy. We reached the Grimsvötn at early evening. First task was to dug open the entrance of the cabin which is erected on top of a icy hill and warm up the sauna. We blew our wet gear to dry all over this cozy residence and are now settled in. Next up is sauna and crêpes.

All is well with the expedition.


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