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Three colours: white

We should save the battery of the yellowbrick, so the messages will probably get shorter or at least their quality will worsen (like it could be any worse). Today we got to the skis right in the morning. The weather was all right at first, but turned poor pretty fast. The day was even whiter, colder and wetter then yesterday. We skied three 1,5 hour legs and advanced 11,5 kilometers. The conditions considered (approx. 20 m/s headwind), we are most pleased.

The glacier has gave us an exquisitely hostile welcome. We are starting to like Iceland more and more every passing moment, because we are Finnish and enjoy misery, agony and coldness. There is 19 kilometers between us and the Grimsvötn’s cabin and if the weather allows, we will try to make it tomorrow. In between is also the trips first crevasses, but they should be easily crossable. Thank you all for the greetings! It’s nice to know that your spirit is here with us.


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