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Rainy days

The wind and the rain went on all night. There was no visible change in the morning, so we slept 12 hours straight. In the afternoon we noticed that the time to cease the moment had came and packed up the camp. Like yesterday, the girls had the dubious privilege to take the lead, as the older members of our expedition followed like loyal hounds, shouting directions every now and then. It’s like the J.J. Heikka’s version of North Korean order at the Vatnajökull glacier.

The day was spent in whiteout and rain. The expedition learned the true essence of being wet. There was no dry spot on us to be found and the sledges had a happy puddle of water in them. Could someone please send us a ton of Silica gel? We still skied three legs and are in schedule.

To add any reasonable words to this message, I’d like to quote the great explorer Ernest Shackleton: "Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all." And that we shall do.


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