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First day at the glacier

The packing took quite a while and it wasn’t until the small hours before we hit the hay. But the sleep was deep and when our driver Helgi in his cute little car (read: fierce off-roader) arrived to pick us up, we felt well rested. The road we took in our Super-Jeep was wide and plain at the beginning, but got narrower every passing kilometer as we closed on to the target. One could call it the true downshifting, as the top speed was around 60 km/h. Before the last 65 kilometer leg there was a sign declaring "impassable". Our driver shouted a loud guffaw whilst hitting the pedal to the medal as we advanced further towards the glacier, on a road that had turned to a mixture of snow and rock boulders.

The ride took us right next to the Vatnajökull glacier. Sun was shining as the funky wind put a smile upon our faces – outdoor life at its best. We should have guessed that this kind of light thoughts won’t go unpunished: a few legs of steep rise in a downpour and constantly hardening wind sure cleared our heads! As we were pitching the tent the wind speeds were already over 20 m/s and getting the job done was its own kind of sumo wrestling. The morning will tell if we’ll just have to sit tight for a day or so.


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