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Last minute preparations at Reykjavik

After picking up a satellite phone on our way to airport in the morning we spend an hour packing, repacking and adjusting our luggages at the airport and thanks to thorough preparations on sport the check-in was very easy and quick despite huge loads of gear. The flight was very nice and went fast despite not sleeping on board.

We took an airport shuttle bus from Keflavik straight to our hostel jamming the traffic in the city center for a moment while moving our luggage from bus to the hostel. We met our local contact, got fuel for stoves and bought quite a load of food to top our supplies. Then we had a quick dinner at small fish restaurant in the harbor and now we are back at the hostel – once again repacking and adjusting our gear. I’m not sure if I like the gear that much anymore! 😛

Our super-jeep pick-up was supposed to be at 10 am tomorrow but it was rescheduled to 08 am so that in case of bad weather the driver should get out from the back-country in daylight. In good conditions the trip takes around 5 hours but in very bad weather it can take up to 15 hours! Luckily weather forecast seems good. In addition we got news that during this season there have been at least five expeditions aiming to cross the Vatnajokull… And at least four of them have been evacuated and have made it to the local news. Well, we trust our skills and gear, but we really hope for and need good weather to make the crossing successful so keep your fingers crossed!

From now on the updates will be translations from the expedition blog at http://vatnajokull2012.wordpress.com.


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