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Vatnajökull 2012 blog online!

Not so long ago I published an announcement about my future skiing trip to Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland. I promised that there would be more info online by end of the week. Well, it didn’t quite happen during the last week. But now the plane tickets are booked and most other things are also squared out. It took an extra week but now the info is public and online!

The Vatnajökull 2102 blog is mostly in Finnish but there is also a brief info in English. The updates in the blog will be in Finnish but I’ll write about my personal preparations and maybe something general about the expedition to my blog in English. We plan to send daily updates from the glacier to the blog but also these will be in Finnish. I am still looking for a volunteer to translate the dispatches (from Finnish to English, dispatches in text, about 1-3 SMS messages per day) and publish them in English in my blog. Volunteers, please feel free to contact me with a comment or e-mail!


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