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A quick situation report

It’s been quiet here once again for some time. I’ve been working on few posts (a gear review, some lessons learned from Svalbard expedition and highlights of the internship period) and I would have got something published if I wouldn’t be sitting in car and typing this with phone…

As it’s a quiet week at the husky center me and N got four days off! And after hasty packing we are driving towards North to lake Inarijarvi for a skiing trip. We didn’t have quite the perfect winter hiking kit with us but I guess we will manage. We are planning to start from Veskoniemi in Southern part of the big lake and do a round-trip from there skiing from hut to hut.

The weather forecst looks nice regarding temps (between -5C and -15C) but I really hope that the persistent veil of clouds would break and we could enjoy the year’s first sunrise on Wednesday or the Northern lights on some evening or morning. There’s not much daylight yet this time of the year but there is now a full moon now and it’s really bright! It’s relatively bright even during cloudy nights.

I think it will be a nice relaxed trip. We’ll be going to the ice tomorrow morning and coming back on Friday. There might be a trip report coming on weekend and maybe few sweets along the way.

Sorry for the lack of pictures this time of but there is a set of pictures from Inarijarvi from a year ago if you haven’t seen those yet . We saw beautiful Jurors on that trip. Pics can be found from my gallery: http://kuvat.fi/korpijaakko. Enjoy!


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