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Recommended read: Things to watch

As the title suggests there is not much to read this time but instead a few videos to watch.

I don’t consider myself as a climber at all. (Even though I have a slight interest to climbing related things because I see them as a part of other things I’m passionate about.) But climbing and climbers have always made good subjects for great stories. There is a big bunch of visually beautiful, exciting and/or inspiring climbing related videos and here are few that I’ve watched recently:

Vertical Sailing is a five-part video series about sailing along the coast of Greenland (and from there back to Scotland) and climbing great previously unclimbed big walls on the coast. Very inspiring stuff. And fun to watch! Here is the first part, the rest can be found from Youtube or from Patagonia website:

Everything doesn’t always go according to the plans and Mixed Climbing Avalanche Accident is one of those storied documented on a video by the climber’s. There is also some comments and discussion related to the accident by someone who probably knows a thing or two about ice and mixed climbing. The discussion might interest climbers but the video is worth of watching for all outdoorsy dudes and dudettes. it might even provoke a though or two. The injured guy deserves a big “Tough Guy” award:

Most of the readers may already have seen the trailer of the Cold but I think it’s worth sharing and watching again. It’s about climbing the Gasherbrum II (one of the 14 over 8000m high peaks of the world) in winter. A very cold and inspiring endeavour. I’d really like to see the whole movie…

This is not climbing but a nice and inspirational clip about crossing the Lake Baikal in Siberia in 2008. It’s something that I’ve been thinking and planning for a while but I won’t be doing it this winter. But maybe later?

Alastair Humphreys (for example an Adventurer of the year 2011 nominee by National Geographics) has a lot of great videos on Vimeo. For example his video about crossing the Iceland on foot and packraft is very, very good. Lately he has uploaded some very inspiring presentation from Night of Adventure events. There is a huge bunch of very inspiring stuff to watch! Here is an example related to his Year of Microadventure:

And for those who are not that interested in climbing and cold places… I just recently noticed the series of Mike C’s ULTRALIGHT TIPS as videos on Youtube. Here’s one about the entire contents of his backpack for a two-night trip:

That’s it this time. Zi Internets iz full of marvellous and inspiring things. Get inspired – but also remember to go out and play! Oh, and the latter is the more important thing. 😉


2 responses to “Recommended read: Things to watch

  1. Peter Nylund 19/12/2011 at 20:59

    Thanks for the links. It is good to have something to divert the thoughts from the misery here in Southern Finland

  2. korpijaakko 19/12/2011 at 21:43

    Enjoy the vids! I was watching them the last week in the snowless South. It’s a bit mean to say, but in Taivalkoski it’s -3C and nearly 40cm of snow, and should be snowing some more during the week. There are some free days and a free cabin here if winter and dog sledding would fit your schedule. 😉

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