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Recommended read of simplicity, efficiency and art

I haven’t been writing “Recommended read” posts for a while as I haven’t had much time to enjoy all the great outdoor blogs out there but some time ago I read a couple of posts so good that I really have to share them also in the blog in addition to typical sharing in Twitter.

A view towards Barras on a hike last July.

Ryan Jordan is a familiar name for most people into lightweight or UL hiking. He is the founder/CEO of backpackinglight with engineering background and a lot of insight and passion for gear – but also for simplicity and great outdoor experiences. He has a blog on his homepages. It’s a pity that he writes so seldom but when he does, the stuff is brilliant! His latest post about The Practical and Natural Simplicity of the Backcountrygear is once again a good one.

In my opinion Dave Chenault‘s Bedrock & Paradox has become one of the best outdoor blogs of all times. Passion, good content with great attitude, real thoughts and balls to say what is  to be said.  His reply to Ryan’s post provoked some thoughts at least in my head so go and enjoy: The Simplicity: Gear.

But one of the best posts for the last weeks or maybe even months was Luc Mehl‘s quest post on Benjamin Moryson’s (aka hrXXLight) blog. The post is about outdoor adventure as arts and adventurers as artists – and it really struck me! In my opinion it summed up some very complex ideas and feelings that are usually very hard to express. Luc’s homepages are also worth a visit! Some great trip reports with stunning pictures and videos. Especially good if you are into packrafting.

Creating something important and beautiful at Lätäseno last July.

And as a bonus a very nice video by Forrest McCarthy (another great Alaskan adventurer) of Andrew Skurka’s epic trip. Winter is coming so it’s good to get into right mood, so go find your skis and enjoy the video:


2 responses to “Recommended read of simplicity, efficiency and art

  1. DaveC 10/10/2011 at 16:53

    I am very flattered!!

    It’s been most rewarding to find my stuff linked to and discussed in more and more places, and especially, more and more languages across the web. Makes me sad I have to resort to Google Translate for all save English and French.

  2. korpijaakko 10/10/2011 at 18:11

    Thanks for the comment Dave! If something is worth the kind words, I will definately say so. And your blog has been a real gem for some time now. Keep up the good work! It’s a pity that I can’t even understand the French. Finnish, English and some Swedish (which helps also a bit with Norwegian). Germany would be a nice language to understand. Thus I like the idea on English being the lingua franca for the internet.

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