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Stealing little lines in the wild white

The first trip is now done!

On last Friday night we started a 45km walk-in from Didnujohka river. We walked some 15km for the first evening/night and on Saturday we walked the remaining 30km and tried some short packraft runs in a dry and rocky rapids of Urttasjohka. We spent Sunday eating and resting on an open wilderness hut (as we arrived there 4:00 am the previous night). The last week was spent on a great river continuum of the Käsivarsi region: first the 15km the Valtijoki (fast, rocky, low water, many drops, we portaged 3,5 big drops), the Poroeno (run the whole river in packrafts: swift, rocky, partially classified as class 4 but easy now with low water) and the Lätäseno (big volume, big and powerful rapids, we did one class 4 and one class 4-5 with clear lines, but had to portage one class 4+ that we didn’t dare to run even with a big white water raft). A magnificent trip with a deep learning curve, nice weather and excellent company.

Starting the walk to Somasjärvi a bit over a week ago.

I’ll post some more pictures after I get back from my second trip… Last evening I was doing laundry, eating and repacking at the Kilpisjärvi and now I’m waiting for a boat ride across the lake. And the heading into the hills with my girlfriend and one packraft.


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