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At the moment: Hiking & packrafting in Lapland

As the regular readers already know, I’ll be spending a bit over two weeks in Lapland hiking and packrafting. And while you read this I’m on my way to Kilpisjärvi or already walking packrafting through the wilderness. I will be doing two separate trips this July:

1) A longish packrafting trip down the Valtijoki, Poroeno and Lätäseno rivers in Finnish Lapland East from lake Kilpisjärvi with my mate Tuomas. We will start walking to lake Somasjärvi, the source of the rivers, from the Norwegian side of the border in the morning of Saturday 9th. The trip will end about to the small village of Markkina a week later on Saturday 16th. From there I will head back to Kilpisjärvi and Tuomas will head back South with some of his friends.
2) A more hiking-oriented trip to the Swedish Lapland West of lake Kilpisjärvi traversing the Moskugaisi fell and floating down the Kummaeno river with my girlfriend Nina. We will start the trip on Sunday 17th from the village of Kilpisjärvi either by walking through the Malla National Park or by taking a boat to the Western side of the lake. The trip will end to Keinovuopio about 10km South from Kilpisjärvi.

Testing dry suits and doing some rescue training with Tuomas.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get the satellite phone co-operating as I would have liked so there will be no daily updates along the way. I will sent a Tweet or two from cellphone if I find coverage. So, if you are interested in knowing how the trip is going, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@korpijaakko) or check out the blog side bar on the right with the latest Tweets. I might also sent a longer update in-between the trips from the village of Kilpisjärvi if I have the time and a free internet connection.

I’ll be back home at the end of week 29 and there will be some sort of trip report during the following week but I’m also a bit busy with the Wilderness Guide School thing starting at August 1st. But I’ll get something together before that.


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