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The Llama has arrived!

Not much to say yet, but wanted to share the news with you: The Alpacka Denali Llama has arrived!

The brand new 2011 model Alpacka Denali Llama with spray skirt rolled up.

I had a chance to test the older model Denali Llama and there are several differences between them. The most striking feature is the shape of the new 2011 models, especially the long tail which should make it less prone to bandersnatch and a little better tracking. Both very welcome attributes though I didn’t miss them last autumn as I didn’t know such things would be possible.

The seat is also different and is now built of two separate pieces: A traditional style seat part attached to the boat with four threaded tabs and a small separate inflatable backrest that attaches to two grap loops. Except that they are not exactly loops but one could easily tie a piece of strap to them, move the seat a bit forward and use a dry sack as a backrest. Or utilize the other two tie down loops at the back and strap a rucksack on top of the stern like it is usually tied down to the bow. I think this might be useful if using the boat for two persons with backpacks. Have to do some testing…

Details of the new backrest.

The spray skirt has also been changed and can now be fully unzipped instead of rolling it away. Very useful feature and enables lightening the boat a bit if the skirt is not needed. Once again, very useful if using the boat with two on board. I’m pondering if I should have taken the “beefy spray deck” upgrade – but if I feel a need for it, I can just unzip the spray deck and send it to Alpacka for modification.

The boat with the spray deck removed.

I’ll be taking the boat out as soon as I get my paddle… Unfortunately there weren’t any reasonably priced and short enough 4-piece paddles available in Finland so I ordered a cheap but sturdy (i.e. heavy) 2-piece aluminum paddle to get started. Some testing on the lake on Thursday or Friday and during the weekend I’ll take the boat to white water for some practise and fun with friend.

So, more to come. A lot more. And hopefully also more on completely different topic… Stay tuned!


10 responses to “The Llama has arrived!

  1. markswalkingblog 15/06/2011 at 02:02

    Looks great – I am jealous :o)

  2. hrXXLight 15/06/2011 at 11:35

    What a beautiful boat. The colour is splendid and would be my first choice if I would buy another boat with the new design. I could test my one in white water in Austria and it was an interesting trip.
    I’m using the Aqua Bound Manta Ray Carbon. If you need some infos feel free and contact me.

  3. korpijaakko 15/06/2011 at 14:49

    Thanks guys!

    hrXXLight: I was looking for a 4-piece aluminum Manta Ray (so it would also double as Golite ShagriLa 3’s center pole) but had to settle with 210cm 2-piece aluminum one available from Finland. Though it was only 50 euros and should be white water proof. I might switch to lighter (and possibly a bit shorter?) carbon fiber paddle later if I can afford one.

  4. Martin Rye 15/06/2011 at 23:07

    looking forward to seeing some trip reports of it in use.

  5. sabi 16/06/2011 at 09:27

    Congrats! Now there is a free way for adventures. Have fun!
    The colour wouldn’t be mine – to flashy 😉
    Curious and waiting for your new topic …

  6. korpijaakko 16/06/2011 at 12:25

    Thanks, Martin! Trip reports coming when I get my paddle. I’m starting to get anxious with it lingering somewhere. I’d want it NOW. 😉

    Thanks, sabi. I was pondering between red and yellow and decided to go yellow. Bright orange or lime green would have been even cooler. 😀 Bright color is also partially for safety reasons and partially because it’s kinda cheerful.

  7. sabi 16/06/2011 at 14:21

    You can take 2 spoons on your hiking poles 😉
    At least Finland is not confused with Australia where my stuff is often detouring when on its way to Austria.

    Colour depends definitely on what you want to do – or if you want to be seen by whoever or not. I speak about animals and I had the experience last weekend that when drifting by in olive green it is mostly accepted as natural flotsam.

  8. korpijaakko 16/06/2011 at 15:16

    I could well go paddling with my bare hands or take some stick from the beach or something… But I want my paddle! 😀

    That’s true. I’ve had my period with camo and olive green and at the moment I want something else. And also, why is almost everything available in black and often only in black? Especially shell clothing. Why can’t for example shell pants be done in something like steel or granite grey color or in light green color? Black shell is way too hot in sun but would otherwise offer good wind protection in cold weather…

  9. Sven 19/06/2011 at 14:20

    A friend of mine is going to sell exactly the same Boat (Alpacka Llama in yellow, version 2011). It has touched the water only once (lake), basically a new one. He simply bought it to big for him (being 179cm). Complete with spraydeck, all accessories and without any demage or scratches, only minor pigmentations in color. He is asking for 799 € including shipping within Europe. For pictures go to our Blog and contact us via Email. Cheers, Sven

  10. korpijaakko 19/06/2011 at 22:18

    Thanks for the info, Sven! I’ll pass it around for few friends if they’d be interested. I think it would be also possible to modify it for better fit by moving the seat forward (easy with the 2011 seats), removing the backrest and attaching a dry sack to make a bigger backrest (would also fit some gear without affecting much the center of gravity) and modifying the spraydeck to move the opening a bit forward (the hardest part to do)…

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