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Ultima Thule 2011 trip report – in pictures!

Now, about a one month after the three-week Ultima Thule skiing expedition to Svalbard I have finally scraped together a trip report!

As I wrote live updates from the ice during the expedition I didn’t feel that a traditional trip report would be necessary. I will still post a bunch of posts related to the expedition when I find the time but there will be no traditional chronological trip report. Instead you can read the six updates I wrote during the trip. You can find the updates from my blog or by clicking the links below

Post 1: Greetings from the Arctic!
Post 2: Days of storm and whiteness!
Post 3: One miss, one hit, one to go!
Post 4: Perriertoppen and Pyramiden
Post 5: Summer has arrived!
Post 6: From the arctic to the Southern spring

Click yourself to the gallery!

But the new thing is a trip report in the form of pictures! I took a big bunch of pictures during the expedition. I don’t know how many pictures I actually took but after deleting failed ones and duplicates I ended up with 1330 pictures. After some hard time with selecting pictures to be published I ended up with 256 pictures, which was clearly too much. Then after some more time I ended up with 173 pictures. It is still a bit too much but I didn’t feel that a smaller amount would have made justice for the great trip. To give some more content for the pictures I wrote short captions for each. The slide show viewer of the gallery doesn’t show captions so I recommend manual clicking instead.

So, grab of cup of coffee and try to forget the summer and enjoy the three weeks skiing on the high arctic of Svalbard. When you are mentally prepared, click yourself to the gallery.

Later on I will make a very selected edition of the pictures with only some of the technically and aesthetically most pleasing ones but there will not be too many if any new ones in that set.

Please, feel free to leave comments to the blog or straight in the gallery.

Huom! Kuvatekstit on kirjoitettu myös suomeksi! Kommentit suoraan blogiin tai galleriaan ovat tervetulleita myös suomeksi!


6 responses to “Ultima Thule 2011 trip report – in pictures!

  1. Outsider/Yeti 28/05/2011 at 16:58

    Oli ilmeisesti aivan mahtava reissu ja hyvin dokumentoitu kuvilla.

  2. korpijaakko 28/05/2011 at 17:52

    Reissu oli todella hyvä. Tavallaan olisin kaivannut haastavampia olosuhteita, mutta ehkä reissu oli tuollaisenaan nautinnollisempi. Kuvia on vähän liikaakin. 😀 Nyt yritän opetella videoiden leikkelyä. Tuli kuvailtua toista tuntia HD-videotakin…

  3. Thomas 20/11/2012 at 01:18

    Hi, i was wondering how your cumulus down bag with the Carinthia Explorer Top MF worked..?
    Did it perform as you hoped? (the down stayed dry at all times?)
    did your Carinthia Explorer Top MF get wet at all?

    looking forward to your comment on this!

  4. korpijaakko 20/11/2012 at 10:00

    Hi Thomas! The combination worked well but we had unusually warm weather and as the double-bag system was very warm and didn’t enable good venting (zippers not aligned) I ended up sleeping several nights in the Cumulus down bag alone. Of course bags get moist in use (VBL might help) but it’s usually possible to air/dry them once every few nights and in Svalbard it was possible nearly daily so no problem with the moisture there.

  5. Thomas 24/11/2012 at 14:42

    Hi, i also have another question 🙂
    In your gear review i dont see you talking about a major important piece, your pulka 🙂

    What type did you use? (and was the bag waterproof?) how did it perform? did it got damaged along the trip? and do you have a link of it?

    Thank you verry much in advance 🙂

  6. korpijaakko 26/11/2012 at 22:51

    Hi again Thomas. I was actually going to write a longer post-trip analysis but then got excited about new trips… All the gear used on the trip is listed in the a separate pdf file that can be found from one of the pre-trip posts. The pulka was Fjellpulken Xplorer 168 (with Expedition shafts and harness) which worked very well. No damage except the normal wear on the bottom. It’s not the perfect pulka but very good quality and performance. The closure is not really waterproof but we didn’t have much rain on the trip.

    Psst… If you want to learn more about gear and techniques for traveling in the Arctic I recommed participating on my guided courses and trips. 😉

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