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Plans for the summer, part 2: Adventure, excitement, challenge, accomplishment

The competion for a free meal and a dessert is starting to warm up with the first brave guess given. But unfortunately it was incorrect though there was a grain of truth… So here comes the next clue!

And the second clue is…

The first clue was a bit misleading as I am not going to start my trip exactly from the village of Kilpisjärvi (which was mentioned as a destination in the bus schedule) but I am going to start from the same place that I started a trip with friends in summer 2008. In 2008 we hiked off-trail to Halti, the highest place in Finland and then hiked along the Kalottireitti (Nordkalotleden) trail to the village of Kilpisjärvi. This summer I’m not going to Halti but the first day or two will follow my route from 2008. Here are a couple of pictures to give you some ideas:

This is where a taxi left us in the end of June 2011.

Soon after leaving the road we passed this dam.

This summer I plan to cross this fence during the first day of hiking.

After the fence we will continue along the valley in the picture.

We plan to walk by this waterfall during the second day.

And as a bonus clue, I try to plan the trip according to these guide lines:

Great goals and objectives for any trip!

If there will be no right-enough guesses by next Saturday, I will give some final clues on Saturday April 21st. And those will be quite easy ones…


4 responses to “Plans for the summer, part 2: Adventure, excitement, challenge, accomplishment

  1. Dave Hanlon 14/05/2011 at 23:30

    Hmm. What sort of summer pastime would be an adventure, excitement, challenge and accomplishment for a man who undertakes his winter trips on Svalbard? I’m stuck. I don’t know the geography too well but I can only guess canoeing/packrafting the Könkämäeno and perhaps further on down the Muoniojoki. You’re lightweight tendency makes me lean towards packrafting.

  2. korpijaakko 15/05/2011 at 19:20

    Sorry Dave, but not quite. But you and Yeti (comment on the previous post) are sure getting close.

    It’s true that this might be a bit too hard puzzle for thos who don’t know the geography on Käsivarsi region. I’m neither an expert of the area but the route seens quite clear to me… 😉 The Finnish Retkikartta might be helpful: http://www.retkikartta.fi/retkikartta.php?lang=en

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