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Plans for the summer, part 1: Win a meal and a dessert!

I promised some more posts about the Ultima Thule 2011 expedition and they are on their way, but it starts to be summer here in Finland (In my opinion +15 Celsius, sunshine and only tiny bit of snow left is somewhat a summer…) so I though to post something else first.

Another free meal… with a dessert!

At the moment I’m planning my main trip for the coming summer. But instead of revealing my plans right a way I decided to give you a chance to guess what I am up to. I am looking for a combination of words that would describe my plans. A preferable answer would include a verb and a name of a geographic feature (or a few of them) i.e. what am I going to do and where.

And for a motivator: the one who gets my plans right first, wins a meal and a dessert. The main course will be MX3 freeze dried meal and dessert will be Fuizion Rice Pudding with Fruits. Both are good stuff and I ate them on the Ultima Thule 2011 expedition.

And to give you a better chance I’ll give a clue about my plans weekly and you can give a guess every week. The posts will be named like this one and to get info about the updates you can follow me in Twitter or subscribe to e-mail announcements (yeah, I’ll get something better soonishly) or follow the RSS feed.  The first to give an accurate enough answer wins the meal and dessert. And if there won’t be any decent answers, I’ll give up at some point and reveal my plans anyway.

Last time when I gave away a free meal, the winner was Tomas. This time I’ll send it any where in the world, so feel free to give a guess. There are a couple of guys who already know what I’m up to so they are not allowed to answer. Sorry. 😉

And the first clue is…

The trip will take place in the mid July and it will probably be around nine days. I am going with a good friend of mine, Tuomas, who will be by that time a newly qualified wilderness guide. Here is a screen shot picture to give you a little clue about our destination:

Feel free to give the free meal a try. It’s free. If there are no right answers this time, the next clue will be revealed around May 14th or 15th.


5 responses to “Plans for the summer, part 1: Win a meal and a dessert!

  1. Outsider/Yeti 12/05/2011 at 20:15

    It is becoming increasingly clear that you are going to get wet. Kilpisjärvi-Tornio with a packraft? Though I would think a canoe would be better suited to the task.

  2. korpijaakko 12/05/2011 at 23:44

    Wohoe! First brave one to give a guess!

    I can give an extra hint that the getting wet part will be likely correct but Yeti’s guess was not correct.

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