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Recommended read: Recent trip reports from the Arctic

As you know, I’m back from my own three-week ski expedition to Svalbard. My reports from the ice are found in my blog under the category Ultima Thule 2011 and then there is the official expedition blog in Finnish. There will be some more posts and a lot of pictures from the trip later but while waiting, you can try to avoid the inevitable summer with few other trip reports…

Skiing in the sunny arctic. (Ultima Thule 2011 expedition in Svalbard)

Greenland2009 expedition in Svalbard

Three members of the Greenland 2009 expedition (who crossed Greenland icecap that year) skied somewhat the same route in Svalbard and at the same time (though they used 17 days instead of 21). Despite this we met only in the Longyearbyen before leaving. If you can handle Finnish, you can read their updates and post trip report from their homepages.

Kitegreenland 2011

Now something that is also in English! There was also a third partially Finnish expedition in the Arctic this season as Finnish Heidi and his British husband Robert with their guide tried to ski kite in Greenland from Ilulisat to Qaanaaq. Unfortunately they hit an unusual and brutally cold weather front which ruined their plans: ” Then I discovered that the tips of my fingers were turning black, and when – prompted by the boys – I took off my boots and socks I noticed most of my toes were black as well.”

More about the preparations and a post trip report on their homepages.

I wish that Heidis frostbite will heal!

Greenland Speed Crossing Record Expedition 2011

British Alex & Wilki planned to break Norwegian speed record to cross the Greenland icecap along the “standard route”: ski the 600 kilometer stretch under 8 days and 9 hours! Unfortunately the weather was not on their side and they didn’t even get a chance to give it a try. You can read about the idea, preparations and disappointments from Alex Hibberts homepages.

– – –

Psst! This one is not recent but Finnish Reissu-Petet skied and kite skied the Greenland icecap from South to North in 2008: 2700 kilometers and 90 days! That’s an epic trip! Now they have finally got the book about the trip published! It’s only in Finnish and can be ordered from their homepages. For those who don’t want to buy a book in Finnish, the homepages in English are still online!


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