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Recommended read: Vinter Sarek

As I spend anyway too much time armchair adventuring around the globe in front of the screen, I though it would be good idea to share some of the great trips I come across. Some can be found from my links page but as I constantly find new interesting stuff, I decided to post my finding in the blog. I try to post a “Recommended read” (trip reports, expedition websites, maybe books, etc.) once a week or so. You might already know some of them but I believe there will be something new and interesting for everyone.

A trip starting from this... (Picture by Sarekexp 2010)

As a starter, what about spending 90 days in the most beautiful wilderness in the Swedish Lapland*? Some lucky ones did it in winter 2010. In order to write a guide-book about Sarek National park in Northern Sweden a group on swedes spent 90 days there climbing, skiing and having good time. The website of the project is in Swedish only, but there is a short Introduction in English and marvelous pictures and nice video clips.

... and ending to something like this. (Picture by Sarekexp 2010.)

* This is my personal opinion about the place. You may disagree but then you might be wrong. 😉


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